Talara: Rescue?

I was moving. It was a rhythmic, swaying motion. I recognised the sound I was hearing as footsteps, but clearly my mind wasn't functioning correctly because I didn't try to do anything, even though someone was carrying me to who knows where. With a great effort I dragged my eyes open, expecting harsh light, but instead it was dark and almost gloomy. I was in a corridor of some sort, numbered doors on either side. Giving up on my investigation I realized I was too weak to care, and while the arms that carried me were strong, they were holding me gently enough. Movement stopped; I heard heard a grunt and felt myself move a bit, then heard a jingle.

"Unlock the door" A low voice spoke, I could feel the vibrations in his chest. I heard hurried footsteps and felt the person carrying me shift a little. Then I assume the door was unlocked, as my carrier twisted and pushed against it.

"Sit there" he said gruffly "and don't touch anything".

"What are you going to..?" It was a girl, the one who was with him. She sounded young. Oh, it might be the one who was talking to me before I, well I must have passed out I guess. But why would she be here? Unless she was part of a trap to try and catch me, but I would hardly be a good find. I had thought she was a Bruiser, but maybe she swung more towards the Blue side, in which case she probably hated me. 

Another door, this one wasn't locked. Then I felt myself being placed on a mattress. I opened my eyes again, and looked up to see... My captor or savior. I didn't see any Colour though, but that's because he was wearing glasses on his eyes, only these were darkened and I couldn't see through them. I tried to speak, but I could only made a wheezing, harsh noise.

"Don't try to talk, you're safe here for now. I'm not going to hurt you. There's a girl here, she'll look after you." He covered me with a blanket, gingerly tucking the edges in a bit.

I wanted to ask his name, and why he had rescued me, but my voice was still resisting me.

"Shh." he ordered, then he left, and me still not knowing his name or Colour. I looked around the sparsely furnished room, it was a bit dingy and worn, but compared to the places I normally stayed it was luxurious. The mattress was even on a bed-frame... I was in a bed! A real, actual bed. There was no hint of personality on the walls or on the table, but then again, I didn't even know if this was his home, or just the place to which he always brought people he rescued. Everything was neutrally coloured, so no clues as to his Colour here. I heard him go into the next room, and the sound of their voices carried easily as he spoke with the girl.

"There's food in the cupboards in the kitchen, make her some broth, but don't let her eat too much at once. Bring her in some water now, but only a little bit. Don't use the tap, there are bottles on the table. Cups are over there."

"So what, I'm just meant to give up my day to stay with her? Why don't you? You're the one who brought her here." 

"I have to go do something. Don't let her leave" Hah, as if I could leave; in any other situation I'd be out the door as fast as possible, but I had no energy or motivation to do so when I was comfy and warm for once.

"Oh, so I just wait here with a girl that you just picked up randomly? Why should I? How do I know you're not some messed up Red come out hunting for a new game, with your covered eyes and your not talking or telling me anything?" She had a point. 

"Oh for.. Look, I'm one of you."

There was a pause, and then I just heard her sigh, admitting defeat. What had happened?

The End

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