Keiran: Duty

It started out as a typical day, I woke up in my dark little apartment, before dawn. It wasnt much of a place, just a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen/living room area. It was cheap though, and close to the Bruiser Station. I brushed my teeth and showered in the tiny bathroom, then stood for a moment looking at my eyes in the mirror above the sink. Blacker than night as always.I'd used to wish they'd get a little lighter and show some color. Even the Purples had some color, even if it was dark. After such perusal, I closed my eyes and pulled on my bruiser uniform, followed by the boots and the dark glasses. My eyes unnerved even the bruisers, who didnt belong to any Color class at least they had a place in life, with their blue-purple parentage.

I had a cold breakfast of cereal in the kitchen, reading some contraband book the Bruisers confiscated once,I'd taught myself how to read, not having much of a formal education, then I'd wash the bowl and spoon and leave for work.

The sun would be coming up by the time I stepped out my door, locked it and began the walk to the Barracks. The Purples were already out and working, and the Bruisers from the night shift were heading home.

I made it to the Barracks in time for my shift, clocked in and started filing papers, as was my typical duty in the morning.

"Keiran." A bruiser caught my attention, he was just a trainee, but he took in my dark glasses and knew who I was. Keiran, even my name, given to me by the gang I was picked up by when I was little, depicted my difference, my black eyes.

"What?" I responded.

"The Boss wants you to take care of the Purple girl in cell 3. The young one." I glanced over at the cell blocks.

"What does he want me to do with her." I said, looking at the scrawny thing, she probably hadnt eaten in several days.

"Burn her hand with the boiling water," Said the trainee. He looked positively gleeful as he exclaimed the sentence the boss had bestowed. "Then let her go. And maybe keep an eye on her for the next couple o' days." My eyes narrowed behind my glasses. I hated spy work, but I was the best one in the business.

"Fine." I did as I was told, changing into civilian clothes and following the girl from the station from a safe distance until she passed out at a school for the Middle colors of Greens, Yellows and Oranges. A Bruiser girl saw her and stepped forward.

"Let her come with me." I stepped forward. The girl jumped. I noticed her knuckles were bruised. Fighting. Probably bullied. I kept my face stony, and my glasses on.

"Who are you?" The question was more like an accusation.

"Just a guy." I said, picking up the Purple girl. She didnt weigh much at all. "You can come with if you want to keep an eye on her. She needs some food in her, and I plan to provide that." I started walking, back to my place. The Bruiser girl trotted after me. I glanced at her eyes, seeing they were almost as dark as mine. But still that bluish purple color was evident. I clenched my teeth and kept walking, ignoring her.

The End

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