Kalia: The Girl

I watch the boy-Fancy, was it?-walk away and I roll my eyes. Really, an agency?

Not happening.

I move my bag to a comfortable position on my shoulders and I take off. Turning the corner, I see a shape digging through the dumpster.

I debate on whether or not to walk over, but my curiosity wins and I head over.

Upon closer inspection, I see that it is a girl about my age. Her hair is straight and uneven, falling just below her shoulders.

I try to step quietly towards her, but I guess I'm heard.

The girl looks up, startled. I see that one of her hands is bound. I squint my eyes to get a closer look, but she quickly hides it behind her back.

"What do you want?" she snaps, obviously mad and embarrassed at the fact that she's caught digging through a dumpster. But I can also tell that she isn't thinking straight at the moment, so I let her attitude slide.

Taking in her purple eyes, I speak calmly.

"Nothing. I was just simply passing by."

She nods, but it doesn't look like she buys it.

I hold my breath as she looks me up and down, finally resting on my eyes. I hope against hope that she accepts my dark eyes as purple like her own, because I admit to myself grudgingly that I need a friend right now.

So, I stand here and wait.

She cocks her head and steps up to me.

"Don't tell me you're a…"

Then she passes out.

The End

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