Fancy:being a hero

I saw my sister Grace bullying an inocent girl. I watched carefully as the brave girl punched my sister and the other three girls with her. Then she ran off as the bell went.

I came out of the shadows with my shiny long black hait swaying in wind, blowing softly and my yellow with a touch of green eyes glowing. I walk up to my sister and friends, grapped them by the hair and threw them in a nerby fountain. Then i walked away and as i did, I said "you ever try to pick on incoent girls ever again. do you hear?".

My sister stole my name. I should've been called Grace. I should have been a girl but i turned out to be a boy instead. But instead I've been called Fancy.

I head into school to search for that girl i saved. I had  heard My sister call her Kilia.

So I tried asking everyone i saw where i was. All i got so far was a no. But one sweet girl with green eyes and brown eyes told me she was on her way, leaving school and I had to hurry up to catch up with her. I hurried outside and spotted her. Once I got up close i relised she had red eyes but that didn't matter. She had awsome fighting skills and i great fighting tactics. Together we would make a great team...

"Who are you?" Kilia asked. "I'm Fancy. I know it's a werid name. I wanted to be called Grace instead but my sister got that name. I taught those mean girls a lesson, after you had beaten them up and went back to class. Those girls won't bother you anymore." I said. "How would you like to join the rainbow eyes agentcy? You can help make sure our world is at peace."

"I think about it" Kilia replied and headed home. I went home too and thought about my strange day. When i was in my room, sleep quickly took over my eyes and i dreamed what i thought what our world would be like if everyone was friends with each. If all colours, even rainbows, could mix together and be equal.


The other day before I met Kilia, I had found a green jewel which helped me found out what my powers which were: blending in the shadows,acting a bit like Salior moon, seeing things from far away, reading people's minds, running as fast as Sonic when i want to, having a few ghost powers like Danny Phantom and shapeshift.

-Flashback ended-

I saw a shadow with two long ponytails in our garden. I wondered if it was Salior moon. I blink but the figure had disappered.

The End

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