I sigh as  I walk through the halls. Maybe today will be better. But I doubt it. It sucks being a Bruiser in a school full of Oranges, Greens, and Yellows. Even the teachers look down at you. It's sad. But I have nothing else to do. So I come. But I'm hoping that won't last long.

As I stop at my locker, I hear them coming. I groan, hastily throw all my valubles into my locker, and slam it shut. Just in time. They're here.

"Hey, Kilia." Grace says sweetly. Grace, with her curly blonde hair and bright Orange eyes is the most poular girl in school. Surrounding her is her usual posse: Moira, the slightly chuby girl with a babyish face, Green eyes, and short red hair; Tay, the sporty, athletic one. Her straight brown hair that usually falls to her waist is now up in a bun, and her Yellow eyes are shining. And finally, Harmony. Harmony is Grace's twin, and they act alot alike, but don't look the same. In fact, their looks are completely opposite. Except for their eyes. Everything is about eyes.

I regard the four of them, carefully thinking of a response. They stand patiently waiting, Grace and Harmony with their arms crossed. Finally, all I say is, "Hi."

They laugh, and Grace steps up to me. Looking right into my hiddoues Bruiser eyes, she says, "You're coming with us."

I gulp as I'm lead down the hallway, outside, and behind a dumpster. Now is my chance. I can finally prove myself a fighter, and hopefully escape my prison. I check my watch, timing this perfectly.

Stalling, I say, "So, what's up?"

Grace snarls at me. "What's up? What's up? You're not suppossed to be here, that's what's up."

I give a weak smile and hold up a finger. "First off, that didn't make sense. And second," I say, adding another finger, "you're just going to beat me up for it?"

Harmony gives me a nasty smile and says, "Yep. Pretty much!" Like this is totally normal. Which, in my case, it is. Wow, my life is messed up.

Harmony and Grace look at each other and nod, then the group advances. I smile. Perfect timing, as usual. My fists fly out, and I attack. I throw punches, land kicks, anything that will bring pain. Real pain.

Then, just as soon as it started, it ends. And I'm victorious. Drunk with victory, I turn and run inside, just as the warning bell goes off. I can't help smiling at the thought that for once in their ugly, misreable lives, Grace and Harmony will be late for class.

I quickly open my locker, grab my things, stuff them in my backpack, and leave. Pausing at the door, I turn around to say goodbye. Although I've never liked this place, lots of emotions surge through me. But I shoulder my pack, turn, and never look back again.

The End

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