News of a necromancer

As soon as Grace was in her room she climbed into her bed not wanting to sleep but to think. Without even trying Grace drifted into a restless sleep, she had nameless nightmares and she kept waking up with sweat rolling drown her face. In the morning Grace got up to the sun shining in her face. She jumped out of bed got dressed and went to Will’s room. On her way there she looked into the library to see if Estelí was in there but he wasn’t. Grace got to Will’s door to find it open half way, Grace walked slowly inside afraid of what she would see. When she looked she was surprised to see his room was very clean and neat with two bookshelves full of books.

“Wow,” she thought. But there was no Will. 

Grace decided to go walk in the garden to figure out what she was going to do about her mom, what she would tell Sophia’s parents, where she was going to find Will, and if she would find him at all. As she was passing the library door she heard raised voices and wondered who was talking, so she went to the door and put her ear on it to listen…

 “She can’t stay any longer.”

 “Why? She is doing no harm, if anything she helping all of us.”

“How is she helping?”

“She killed the witch twice and saved our world.”

“Still, it’s too dangerous for her. She almost died many times.”

“She still has to fulfill her destiny.”

“And what’s that, getting killed? Being the one to kill?”

“No, it’s not all clear but she has great things in store for her.”

“Like what? Killing the witch? No one has ever been able to kill the queen and I doubt that even the most skilled in everything could not even match up to the witch in her weakest moment.”

“Well, Grace did stab the witch, and she fought the witch in the garden and didn’t die. Doesn’t that count for something?”

“Not this time. No. She will lose and you know perfectly well what happens if she loses the battle. She will have to be sent in chains to the witch who will torture her until the day she dies.”

“Yes I know, so please…” 
Grace turned around, walked to the garden and sat down she had heard enough of the conversation to know that her chances of killing the witch were slim and she would probably not be going home ever.

“Grace…” Grace jumped at hearing her name so close. 

She turned to see Will standing a few feet from her with crutches under his arms and a bandage wrapped around the torso of his body. She turned away even though to her he was too beautiful to talk to from behind her, she didn‘t want to see his face.

“Why did you come? I know you don’t want me here.” Grace questioned him with her arms crossed.

“That’s not true, were did you hear that?” Will replied in a confused tone.

“I heard you say it to Estelí.” Grace retorted.

“Really is that so. If you want to know I haven’t talked to Estelí all day so it wasn’t me.” Will retorted.

“Then who was talking to Estelí?” Grace asked.

“I don’t know… but I bet it was probably Aliyah the mirror apprentice.”

“The what?” Grace asked.

“The mirror apprentice. She is the only person or should I say thing that knows everything that goes on, and keeps track of all the people in and out of Rainar. She was probably the one talking to Estelí.” Will replied in a calm tone. After a while of silence Grace decided that Will needed to know that she planned on leaving because she needed to find Morganna.

“I…” Grace hesitated.“I’m leaving.”

“Why…?” Will asked. 

“Because I need too find Morganna, so she can find me a cure to make you better.” Grace replied quickly.

“Well you don’t need to any more cause Estelí found a cure and it’s working well, so please stay.” Will said in a pleading voice.

“I still need to go, because Sophia was killed and I need to tell her parents so they don’t think she just ran away also I need to find a way to kill the witch and that could take time.”

“Well please do come back this time, and stay for forever this time.” Will said in a pleading voice.

“I will do my best but I can make no promise that I will return very soon.”

“So when do you plan on leaving?”

“I am going to leave today, because all my stuff is packed and ready to go.” Grace replied. 

“Well then I guess this is a farewell for now.” Will said eyes saddening as she had seen him on the first day when the were 12 and 13.

This made her run though her memories as if it were just yesterday and Will had just introduced himself and was about to tell her of the black witch.
As these memories faded she found herself in William’s arms crying, and Will comforting her.

“Hush, it‘s ok I know that you will come back.” Will said as he petted her hair. Not wanting to break this moment Grace sat there comfortably just wanting this moment to never end, but just then Estelí come running out of the house and stated in a frantic voice,

“Grace you have to leave now, and no buts. Will take Grace by the mountain route to the village of  Lake Markey it will be safe for now, but do not trust anyone but yourselves for that is all that is safe.
Grace and Will left the house within an hour and as the witch walked into the house.           

The End

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