A Lie

Grace walked on to the lawn of the garden and then found herself laying down on her bed at home with her mother standing over her with a concerned look on her face.

            “Grace is you alright? You gave me quite a scare falling down the stairs at school.” said her mom.

            “When did I fall down the stair?” said Grace.

            “You were with Sophia and somebody bumped you and you fell. You’ve been unconscious for 3 days.” said her mom.

            “Wow that’s intense!” said Grace.

            “Did you take me to the doctor?”

            “The wha…uh Yes of course. Why wouldn’t I do that?” said her mom almost to herself.

             Later Grace was hungry so she tried getting out of bed but as soon as she went as far as her door there was like an invisible wall that was keeping her from leaving the room. Grace thought that this was extremely odd but she was too tired so she just laid in bed doing nothing. While Grace was sleeping she was plunged into a dream, but yet it was not like a dream. She thought that it was important but, the next morning when she woke up she wasn’t sure if she was in the dream still or whether she had really woken up.


            For what seemed like many days to come she relived the day that Will and Sophia had disappeared, and over and over there was a voice in her head telling her to do something but she couldn’t understand the voice. Every day the voice got less and less clear. Then one day something clicked in her head and instead of going to get the arm band for Will, she stayed with Sophia (what she saw made her think back to when Aikanaro had tied her to the post and stabbed her almost to death). She walked with Sophia to the door of the garden and then Sophia was gone.


            It was so sudden that Grace wasn’t sure that it happened that way. Then she looked up and there was Aikanaro standing over a limp body, but before Grace knew who it was she was back in the room she had been in sense falling down the stairs. Then she realized that the woman who called herself Grace’s mom wasn’t really her mom. Grace wanted to know who the woman was and why Grace was trapped in her own room. BOOM. Grace in deep thought jumped at the startling noise that seemed to have come from only a little way off.


            “Grace come quickly! We have to move now, the city has just blown up.” said the woman who was pretending to be her mother.

            “Why should I trust you? You locked me in my room, lied to me about falling down the stairs, and now you tell me you’re my mom and say that the city is blowing up, well let me tell you something it’s all bull crap and you are not who you tell me you are, I think you are Aikanaro. Don’t even think about denying this because you know it’s true. And one more thing were in the world are my friends?!” With an evil grin on her face Aikanaro replied,

            “Your friends are happy now you don’t need to worry about them ever again.”

            “What did you do with them?” Grace asked in a voice so small you could barely hear her. There was a sinking feeling in her chest that the witch had done something horrible to Will and the rest of her family.

            “Well you could say that your friends don’t die easily.” she said with a sneer. When the witch said this Grace felt like somebody had just punched her really hard in the stomach.


            “Because, they are not needed in this world and they were a thorn in my foot. So I got rid of them, and now I will get rid of you. But first you get to answer a few questions.” Aikanaro said with a burning look of hate on her face. After the conversation with the witch Grace was so emotionally and physically tired that she collapsed onto her bed and fell into a deep sleep filled with the worst of nightmares.


            In the morning Grace was woken up with the sound of someone screaming for mercy and that they hadn’t done anything wrong. Grace was still blurry eyed but she knew that she was not in a bed any longer and the screams she was hearing were Sophia’s. Finally after 5 minutes the screams had abated to quiet sobs of pain. Grace was now fully awake and realized that she was in a cell chained to a wall by her feet. At this point she knew that the witch really did want to kill her more anything in world.


            The next couple of days went by like this, then one day the screams stopped and the witch came into Grace’s cell with a knife that was covered in blood.

            “You see this? This is covered in your friend Sophia’s blood and if you don’t tell me where you got the Hyra you will be contributing to the knife.” “Why? It’s not that important and you don’t need know, it doesn’t affect you in anyway.”

            “Fine if you are going to be that way, you can feel the knife drive into your skin every day until you die. Which won’t be very long.” Aikanaro said with an evil smile on her face.

            “You can do what you will but you will never get anything out of me ever!” Grace said through her teeth. Before Grace knew it the witch was already standing over her with knife in hand.

            “Maybe next time you’ll think before you say no to me.” Aikanaro whispered in Grace’s ear as she drove the knife into Grace and twisted it around. At this Grace stifled a scream as she saw her own blood spurt out of her.


            The next few minutes went on like this. Just before Grace thought she stand no more of this the witch stepped back and laughed as Grace sunk to the floor in pain.

            “I’ll be back tomorrow and you’d better have an answer for me.” Aikanaro said as she stalked out of room.

            “Oh lord help me. Will I wish you were here.” Grace mouthed out in pain. After a minute Grace lifted her head to see if there were any rages to use as bandages, but there was none. Grace knew that in a minute or two she would be unconscious if she couldn’t find something to stop the blood, but in the end all there was to do was to rip some of her cloths off and  rap it around her waist. So she did and then she tried to fall asleep but the sleep just wouldn’t come, so she busied herself with remembering what her life was like before moving to Washington state.


            That night Grace had been looking around her when she spotted a little wire and thought of her chains, then she thought of the opening spells she had learned from Estelí. In a quiet voice Grace found her way out of her chains and in the process opened her cell door. Grace tried to move but she couldn’t, then Grace thought of Will, Sophia, and Marie and then she got up and did her best to walk to the door. She did this many times with little success but finally was able to stumble out of her cell door.


            When she was  half way though the hall she found a couple rages and was able to bandage her wounds enough to walk without pain.

            “Were do you think your going?” Aikanaro asked from behind Grace.

When Grace heard the witch she broke into a limping run.

            “HA! You think you can run from me? A great and powerful Witch?” Aikanaro laughed.

            “No I can’t run but I’ll fight you here and now!” Grace wheezed.

            “You think I will fight a weakling like you? Will you never learn?”

Grace was still standing with her back to the witch when she remembered that she had a dagger that Will had made in her boot. Grace bent down to get it.

            “What are you doing?” the witch sneered, “Going to try to fight? Well nice try but you will never survive.” At those words Grace flung the dagger so suddenly that the witch didn’t see it coming.

            “AAAAAhhhhhh! You will pay for this Grace Marshall.” Aikanaro gasped as she fell to the floor in a heap.


            Grace ran for the door, flung it open and stepped into the sun and Breathed. After a minute or two she looked around to get her bearings and realized that she was standing in front of the house that all of her adventures had started in. Grace not knowing weather to be astonished or mad just stood there in awe. When she come back to herself she realized that this was the front of the house so she went around back and did her best to get back to Will and Estelí. When she had gotten back to Estelí’s house she went to find anybody that could still be alive that the witch left. After looking inside she went out to the garden and found Estelí sitting with Will in his lap. Estelí looked up with sad eyes,

            “Grace I’m so sorry. Will isn’t going to last much longer. He’s dying.”            

            “What can we do?” said Grace in a urgent tone.

            “The only thing  that would help him is if we can get him to Morganna.”

            “Who’s that?” Grace asked.

            “Morganna was one of my students but she lives in the black marshes.”

            “The black Marshes, where’s that?” Grace said bemused.

            “ It’s to the East of us.” Estelí said.

            “OK, to the east we should go. When should we leave?” Grace asked.

            “We should leave as soon as you can get yourself ready to go.”


            Grace went to her room and shut the door. She couldn’t understand why the witch wanted to make her suffer, and why she was the one to kill the witch yet the witch was very resilient. Every time Grace thought that she had gotten somewhere everything was undone. After she was done packing Grace sat down on her bed and looked in her mirror. She starred at it for a couple minutes when the mirror wavered.

            “What in the world…”

Then a person appeared in the mirror,

            “Grace come to me and I can make all your pain go away.”

When the person said this a image of Will come into view. Grace without knowing it had gotten up and had walked to the mirror with tears running down her face.


            “Grace are you coming?” yelled Estelí from down the hall.

But Grace didn’t hear him.

            “Grace come to me. Take my hand.”

The person in the mirror had put her hand though the mirror. Grace put her hand in the lady’s just as Estelí walked in.

            “Grace noooo don’t…”

But it was already too late and Grace was through the mirror.

            “Grace dear you look exhausted what have you been up to?”

            “Who are you? How do you know my name?”

            “I know everyone’s name, but sense you don’t know my it’s Rosalie.”

            “Where am I, and why did you appear to me in my mirror?”

            “I heard that your friend Will is dying. Estelí probably told you that Morganna is the only one who can save your friend, but that’s a lie. I can save him, if you’ll let me.”

            “Why wouldn’t I? I would do anything to save Will. He is my life, I love him to much to just let him go. What do I need to do?”

            “Bring him to me. I will send you back, then when you have him tap your mirror and I will be there.”

            “Thank you Rosalie, this means a lot to me, I’ll call you soon.”

            “Good-bye Grace, and good luck.”

With that Grace walked back through the mirror and into her room.

The End

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