At home

Grace woke up feeling refreshed; she got out of bed knowing that it was Saturday. She went to the window to contemplate the weird dream she had. She thought how real this dream had felt at one point that it was real, but then it was too much fantasy to be real so she forgot about it. She went to the kitchen to eat breakfast, like usual she was the first one up. After she finished her breakfast Grace went to her mother’s room to see if her mother was up yet but her mom was in bed still sleeping. Grace went to her room and thought she would read while she waited for her mom to wake up. Grace went to her bookshelf and found the book The Secret Country she read for a little while and then her mother come in.

            “Good morning, I see you have been up for awhile.” said her mom.       “Yeah… you slept for a while. Were you tired?” said Grace.

            “Yes, yesterday was really long.” said her mother.

             On Monday Grace went to school. At this point she had found a gold bracelet around her arm, she tried to take it off… but it wouldn’t come off, so she didn’t bother about it. At school Grace had one friend and her name was Sophia, they had been friends for as long as Grace could remember. Grace’s first break she went to talk to Sophia about the strange dream and show her the bracelet.

            “It’s really weird this bracelet I got in the dream but it’s here on my arm?” said Grace.

            “I don’t know what to say…it sounds like your just nuts to me.” said Sophia.

            “If you want to come over I can show you more things I didn’t have before that dream.” said Grace.

             Later that day Grace and Sophia were talking and then Sophia brought up the dream and Grace remembered what she was going to show Sophia.

            “Ok listen you can’t tell anybody ever! Understand?” said Grace with a hard expression on her face.

            “Ok ok, cross my heart.” said Sophia. Then Grace lifted her shirt to just above her stomach.

            “Oh my gosh! What is that…is it a scar?” said Sophia.

            “I think it is.” said Grace.

            “It almost looks like somebody tried to kill you. Does it still hurt?” said Sophia.

            “No not really sometimes it hurts a little but other then that no. Also I keep having visions of a boy he…is almost beautiful but, his eyes are sad.” said Grace pulling her shirt down.

            “Do you want to go for a movie?” said Sophia.

            “Yes, that sounds fun, what are we gonna go see?” said Grace with a smile on his face.


            After school was out and summer fun had started Grace had nearly forgot the weird adventure dream, and was having loads of fun with Sophia. One thing that was weird to Grace was that every night she had a weird dream so she decided to tell her mom. She gathered up her courage and approached her mom.

            “Mom…can I talk to you for a sec?”

            “Sure honey, what is it?” said her mom.

            “Well I keep having this weird dream, it makes me uneasy.” said Grace hesitantly.

            “Why don’t you tell me about it.” said her mom gently.

            “Ok, here it goes. It all starts in a large room full of people and I’m in the middle. These people all look familiar but I can’t tell where I’ve seen them before. Then someone in the crowed of people starts yelling my name and tells me to keep myself safe, and then the room is empty except for one boy who look like he was in a war or worse. Then I wake up. I’ve been having the same dream for two months. What do you think?” said Grace.

            “I think you don’t get enough sleep and that you are just overly stressed.” said her mom.

            “Why don’t you go read and maybe take a nap.”

            “Yes mom.” said Grace.


            Grace went to her room and picked up the book sitting on the table next to her bed. She started to read and she was really liking the book, then she realized that there was a note in her book and the paper looked old fashioned so she opened it slowly so as not to rip it. Then she saw that it was addressed to her. The letter read…


Dear Grace,

            You probable don’t remember anything from what happened to you. You’ve seen the scars and wanted to know what those were from, well about two years ago you had a witch do that for you and you almost died. I know you think this all sounds nuts but I’ll prove to you that it’s not. If you take a walk next door and go in the back door you’ll find a long stair. Climb those stairs and at the end of those stair, jump. You’ll come out in a castle, in that castle look for a closet door open it and walk though. You’ll find yourself in a wood. Walk about two days you’ll find yourself next to a floating door it has a riddle on the top of it. Some where in the back of your mind you know the answer. Once you’ve done that you’ll find us. We’ll be waiting for you. Hope you come soon!


                                                                                                Your friend,



            Grace was a bit scared now. Two years ago she was 12 and that’s all she could remember. Finally she decided that she was going. The next day at school she talked to Sophia,

            “Hey, how are you doing Grace.”

            “Ok, but I need to talk to you…in private. How about after school at my house over pizza?”

            “Sure, over pizza then.” said Sophia happily. Grace and Sophia walked home from school in good spirits. They dropped their bags at the front door and raced to the kitchen to get the pizza in the oven.

            “So what did you want to talk to me about?” said Sophia.

            “Well, I been having weird dreams for a long time and then I just found a note in a book, you read it if you want.” said Grace walking to her room to grab the note.


            “Wow, that’s weird. Do you think this is real?” said Sophia.

            “Well I just have this feeling that I know.” said Grace.

            “I think we should go, don’t you?”

            “Sure we should at least try.” said Sophia.

            “We’ll go Friday night if that’s good with you.” said Grace.

            “We should eat our pizza before it gets cold.” said Sophia. Around 7:00 they said their goodbyes Grace went to her room and started packing her bag. The next day she went to school and met up with Sophia and they got through the day together by thinking about the journey and what fun they would have on it.


            “So were do we go first?” said Sophia.

            “Well the letter said to the house next to mine. So I guess we should start there.” said Grace. They got their things and went next door.

            “So this is the house…right?” said Sophia.

            “Yep this is it. I suppose we should knock.” Grace knocked but nobody answered so they started to walk back to her house when she remembered that the house was empty. So they went around to the back to find that the door was wide open.

            “Should we go in?” said Grace to Sophia.

            “I suppose.” Grace and Sophia went inside and found the stair that was mentioned in the letter.

            “Shall we.” said Grace impatiently.

            “You first.” said Sophia.


            Grace and Sophia went up the stairs and for an hour they talked about what was in the letter and who Will was. For Grace she tried to remember but she couldn’t it was like there was a blank spot in her head of something but she didn’t know what, so she guessed it was that. Finally when they reached the top and all they saw was a hole in the roof. Then it struck Grace that they had to jump into the hole in the roof.

            “Follow my lead.” said Grace. Then she jumped in the hole. When they both were out on the other side of the emptiness they were astounded at what they saw. It was a large and lavish room fit for a queen.


            “Wow, I wonder who lives here!” said Sophia in awe.

            “I have no idea, but it certainly is a beautiful room.” said Grace.             “However, we should probably try to find the way out and not dilly dally.” said Sophia seriously. They walked for awhile and the they found a door they opened it and found the ground had disappeared from underneath them and they were suddenly falling into darkness that was never ending. Finally they landed on a soft something but they couldn’t tell because it was very dark. In the morning they woke up to a beautiful sunrise.

            “It’s so pretty!” said Grace with a smile on her face.

            “We should probably eat before we try to walk anymore.” said Sophia. About half way through the day Grace was looking around and there was sign sitting on thin air.

            “Do you see that?” said Grace looking confused.

            “I wonder why it’s like that?” said Sophia. “I don’t know, but lets read it and then we can figure this out.” said Grace and then she read it.

                                    What thing can’t you see but it’s there

                                    It keeps you safe in your darkest hour

                                    It’s a person and he loves you dearly


Then it came to her. The name was odd but she said it anyway.

            “Estelí.” said Grace.

            “What an odd name. Don’t you think?” said Sophia.

            “No, it’s Beautiful.” said Grace. She walked under the sign and the door opened to reveal a large house and beautiful garden. Grace went up to the front door and knocked but nobody answered. She tried the door and it opened. She stepped inside and she cringed as she remembered everything. She felt like crying because she knew what had happened to her for all the scars she had.           “What’s wrong?” said Sophia concerned for her friend.

            “I’ll tell you when we reach my room.” said Grace.

            “You get your own room here?”

            “Yes, but only because I lived here for two years of my life.”

            “You…lived here? That’s so cool.” said Sophia.

            “Kind of if I hadn’t had to fight so many battles.”

            “You fight in battles?” said Sophia in awe of her friend.

            “Like I said we’ll talk about it when we get to my room. OK.” said Grace.


            Sophia had her mouth open in awe because she had never seen such a huge house before. When they got to Grace’s room Grace changed her clothes into her most comfortable clothes, then gave Sophia clothes that would fit her.

            “Thanks. Now will you tell me what is going on her?” said Sophia.

            “Fine I’ll tell you but you have to swear that you won’t tell anybody else EVER!” said Grace.

            “Ok but-”

            “No buts you’ll understand after I tell you.” said Grace. So Grace and Sophia took a seat and Grace began her story.


            After Grace’s story was over Sophia was amazed that a 13 year old could ever do anything like that.

            “That is amazing. Now I see why you don’t want anybody to know and where all those scars came from.” said Sophia.

            “I’m going to go find my friends. You can do what ever just try not to get lost.” said Grace. Grace thought she would just try to find her friends, but she ended up going all over the house to see if anything had changed, but it hadn’t so she went to the garden were she had last seen Will. Will wasn’t there so Grace tried to look in the house again but still no luck she at last was standing in the middle of the library when a really old man came in, Grace look at him for a moment before she realized it was Estelí.

            “Estelí is that you?” said Grace.

            “Yes Grace it is me I am an old man now.” he said.

            “But how? The last time I saw you were…”

            “I know but the time is different.” he said patiently.

            “What about Will?” said Grace concerned.

            “He is coming back tomorrow from a hunting trip in the mountains.” said Estelí.

            “How old is Will now?” said Grace not really wanting to know.

            “He is almost 20 years old.” said Estelí. Grace gasped,

            “How old do you think I am then.” she said.

            “You are 16 and a half to the day.” said Estelí.

            “How did you know that I thought that you would have forgotten my birthday by now.” said Grace.

            “Oh no Will always takes that day to sulk around and do nothing because he misses you very much. I am glad though that you came because we need you help and…” Sophia came bursting through the door.

            “There is somebody knocking at the door…” she said as she saw Estelí she stopped and stared.

            “Who is that?” she said.

            “This is Estelí. He is my teacher and friend from a long time ago.” said Grace.

            “Now who is at the front door?”

            “It’s a man with brown hair and…” At those words Grace knew it was Will and she ran through the house to the front door. She opened the door to find Will standing there with cold eyes and a stone faced expression. Will’s eyes grew wide as he realized that Grace was standing in front of him with a smile on her face and in her eyes he could tell that she still loved him with all of her heart.

            “Will…” said Grace and that was all she had to say because they then hugged.


            “Grace, I thought you were gone for good.” he said as he brushed the hair out of her face.

            “No, I would never have wanted to leave you but, when I woke up from being unconscious I didn’t remember anything that had happened here at all so I couldn‘t have come even if I wanted too. Then I found your letter and I’m glad I did.” said Grace.

            “Me to, how long are you going stay?” said Will.

            “I wish I could stay forever but, I brought a friend with me…”

            “But how would that stop you from staying?” said Will.

            “She would probably want to go home soon.” said Grace.

            “Well at least stay for awhile.” said Will. At that Sophia walked to the front door.

            “Grace I would like to stay here. I don’t want to go home it would be easier than living in America.” she said.

            “Well that answers that question.” said Grace.

            “We stay…forever.”

            “Well if that’s the case than…Grace Marshall you‘ll be stuck with me than?” said Will in an amused tone.

            “Yes, William I‘m stuck with you.” she said kneeling in front of him and.             “Yes!” she said again then kissing him.


            In the weeks that followed Sophia helped make a beautiful dress and make the decorations. When the day of the date had come Grace was really excited and ready. She loved Will and all she thought of that day was Will. When noon rolled around Grace was ready for the date. She had Sophia help her get ready.

            “Sophia thanks for helping me, you been a good friend I will always be grateful.”

            “It’s nothing…really.” said Sophia.

            “I just glad that we didn’t have to go home because I like it here very much.” said Sophia.

            “We should probably go down to the garden now; you don’t want to be late now do you.”

            “No not really.” said Grace.

            “Well lets go then.” said Sophia. As they walked down to the garden Grace realized that she had left the arm band for Will in her room.

            “Sophia I have to run to my room I left the band on my dresser.”

            “Ok but you should hurry.” said Sophia.


            When Grace had the band she went to the door to the garden. She thought something was really odd, because there wasn’t any noise or anything it was silent in fact to quiet.

            “Sophia? Will? Anybody?” said Grace in alarm.

The End

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