“Well as you were fiddling around as I forbade you to do, I was working on a new spell. I was perfecting it; I bet you want to know what the spell is about. I used it on you. I made you believe that the boy was real. The words he was saying was just in your mind. It was all to easy to make you believe, you are very naïve.  Did you really think that you, of all people could destroy me, Weakling? Did you?” said the Witch laughing. Grace thought, 

 “Why would I want to destroy her?”

 “I, as nice as I am, will give you two years, if you think you can destroy me. Do you understand, Little Beast?” She mocked. Then she disappeared. 

Grace just sat there dumbfounded as she pondered what the witch had said, and if Will was really just in her imagination or if the witch was trying to distract her, with that Grace felt a stabbing pain in her stomach and hunched over in pain and put her hands on her stomach then gasped as the pain dulled a little.  Grace sighed and wondered what happened, but that didn’t matter as much as figuring out what to do next.

“What am I going to do?” Grace said to herself. She turned to see if Will was still sitting next to her.

Then relief filled her mind as she saw that he was still there, but there was a glazed look over his eyes like he wasn’t really there inside, that it was just a body, an empty shell, and there was no person inside, however Grace didn’t notice this because she was to concerned about making sure that he was ok.

“Will…I was afraid… why aren’t you talking or moving? Will? William please talk to me… please. I guess I get to figure this whole thing out myself.” Grace said with a long sigh. 

Then she got up and went to the door, but the door slammed shut in her face . She tried to open it but it was shut for good, then she looked around the room for any windows, but none were to be found. She looked around the room again, in the corner, there was a book, that she hadn’t noticed before.

“What’s this? Interesting, it seems to be a book. ‘A Dictionary of all the spells in the world,’ very original name.” Grace chatted very much to herself. She opened the book very carefully (for it was a very old book) and began reading it. The first spell was interesting.

“A spell to change the weather…to use this spell, stand in an open field holding a gold coin in both hands…really, who has gold coins? A spell for understanding…to use this spell put fine sand on a silver plate…really who has a silver plate or fine sand for that matter?”

“A spell for breaking spells, this is it…to break a spell repeat these words…falin, falin, busnit, calim.” As she said those words Will moved and mumbled three words that Grace didn’t understand. Then he got up and walked around the room and went to stand in a corner. He put his arms up against the wall and put his hands into fists. 

“Will, I thought you were just in my imagination.” said Grace with questionable relief. 

“The witch told me you weren’t real.” said Grace wondering why he wasn’t looking at her or trying to interrupt her as he usually did.  

“Will? What’s wrong with you?” said Grace sadly. 

“This must be another spell.” said Grace with a sigh.

“It’s not… Someday I swear I’m going to kill that witch. She will pay.” with that he slammed his fists on the wall then turned with his back to the wall and slid  to the floor as a silent tear rolled down his cheek. 

“I guess I need to keep looking in this book then.” said Grace.
She turned back to the stand where the book was and started reading from it again. 

“Spells for opening things…turn around four times and say bayo, bers, gal… ok, bayo, bers, gal, now what?” Then the door just blew away. 

“Wow, that was cool.” said Grace, floored. Then she looked back to the book and saw a man’s face. It was smiling and nodding its head. Then it came out of the book. 

“Aren’t you Estelí?” said Grace with a question in her voice. 

“Yes, I am I’m glad my name was still in your memory after the witch messed with It.” said Estelí in a sad but happy tone.

“We need to find a way out.” said Estelí. 

“Isn’t the door already open?” said Grace looking confused. Grace walked over to the door and put her hand through to make sure, it zapped her before she could put her hand up against the door frame and she jumped backwards holding her hand. It was burnt and it hurt very much. 

“How did you get here anyway?” said Grace. 

“I have a little magic up my sleeve.” said Estelí. 

“I thought you might need a little help fighting the witch?” said Estelí in a questioning statement. 

“Yes…I think you are right. So, where do we start?” said Grace. 

“First we need to find a way out of here.” Estelí said. 

“Maybe, there is a spell to get out of this room?” Grace said hopefully, looking at the book of spells. 

“Yes, that’s a good place to start!” said Estelí with a pleased look on his face. A long time later, Grace found it. 

“Here, it’s here. I found it!” Grace excitedly proclaimed. 

“So you did, what does it say?” said Estelí

“It says touch were you want to get out and say, Fad, Fwa, sou.” said Grace. 

“I don’t want to touch that door at all! It hurts, to much to do that.” said Grace 

“I’ll do it. Fad, Fwa, sou.” said Estelí in a commanding voice. Then he tried to go through the door and as he walked through the door and the whole house just disappeared, and they were out in the open in a place that Grace had never seen before.

“What happened?” said Will a bit shaken standing up from where he had been leaning against the wall. 

“Will? oh William, but… I thought you were just… oh never mind I’m just glad you’re back!” Grace walked over to Will and gave him a big hug.

“What was that for?” said Will. 

“I just missed you that’s all.” said Grace happily. 

“Did I miss something?” said Will 

“Well, I guess you did miss a little.” said Grace sadly. Then Grace told him what all had happened to her and what she had been doing.

“Look, there’s the book quick take it before disappears also and grab that bag of food that‘s over there!” said Estelí to Grace. Grace took the book and then the stand that the book was on, disappeared. 

“Oh, the stand’s gone.” said Will picking up the bag of food. 

“Do you think it’s the witch’s doing ?” Grace sighed. 

“I think you will just have to find that out, won’t you?” said Estelí.

“Well I guess we should start walking then… right?” said Will. 

“Yes, we should.” said Estelí with a glint in his eye.
Estelí, Will, and Grace walked for many days and only took time to rest for a little bit at a time. It had been one week. 

“Is this journey ever going to end?” asked Grace. 

“Soon, very soon.” said Estelí. 

“Are we going to go to Rainar or are we going to stay here?” said Will.

“Were is here anyway?” said Grace sarcastically.

“Well, here I’m guessing is Galma because the witch usually doesn’t go father than her own country.” said Estelí. 

“Then how come she was in my world?” said Grace with a question in her tone. 

“She probably is going to try to use you for some of her magic, she’s tried it on other people and all of them have failed.” said Estelí. 

'“So there is really no hope… is there, and you knew that…didn’t you?” said Grace hopelessly. 

“I was about say that you are the one to finally defeat her.” said Estelí to Grace with a sparkle in his eye.
As they walked Grace wondered still what she had gotten herself into, and why she had to have been bored that day and if her mom missed her.

“Stop worrying yourself, you’ll be home soon.” said Estelí in a quiet tone in her ear. 

“But when? Why could I not just go home now?” said Grace. 

“You can’t go home now because the queen has you under her thumb, and you have no way to get home.” said Estelí sadly. 

“But Why me, why couldn’t it have been somebody else?” said Grace.

“You fell into her trap, you took the bait.” said Estelí. Grace sighed a long and heavy sigh.

When they had walked for 5 days, Grace felt faint jabbing pain again. As she started to fall Will caught her. 

“Grace, are you ok?!” said Will. 

“She’ll be ok, she probably just fainted from the heat.” said Estelí.  “How many more of these absence days of walking?” said Will a bit agitated. 

“Only a little while longer.” said Estelí. 

“I’ll carry Grace for as long as I can, but I’m not sure how long that will be.” said Will. Will carried Grace for 2 days, and then he tripped and fell face first into the sand, tired and drained of energy. Estelí picked him up and said  “You have to be strong, for Grace… Please.” Then they both the shared the weight of Grace. 
One day later. 

“What’s that?” said Will excitedly.

“It’s a tree…with an overly large hole in it.” Will moped a little disappointed. The little group kept walking and when they got to the door Estelí said. 

“Well there is nothing for it but we’ll try it, here let me take Grace.” The two walked through it and they fell and ended up in Rainar. 

“Wow, that’s all I have to say.” said Will. Will looked at Grace. 

“She’s very pale!” said Will with great concern and widely opened eyes. Will touched her face to push back hair that was in face and jerked back with surprise. 

“Estelí her face is as cold as ice.” he said. 

“We need to get her to a safe place, Now!” Estelí said a bit panicky. They walked as fast as they could without falling then they spotted a house that looked like nobody was living in it. As they walked into the house Grace’s breathing went down to no more than a tiny animal would breathe. Will could feel this and he started panicking.

As soon as they were inside Will set Grace on a bed that was in a corner of the room and Estelí shut door and locked it. Grace looked as if she was dead.

“Please, do something.” said Will in a small voice. 

“I’ll do what I can, but I don’t think there’s much hope.” said Estelí sadly. Estelí took off the coat Grace had been wearing, her shirt was socked in blood and grime around her stomach. Estelí lifted her shirt to just above her stomach and gasped when he saw that there was a deep gash. 

“Oh no! What are we going to do?” said Will despairingly. 

“You should go to sleep, there is a long day ahead of us tomorrow.” said Estelí. All that night Estelí worked to clean the wound and as he cleaned it he found two shards of a blade that were glowing bright blue. After bandaging the wound Estelí sat down and started messing with blade.

The next morning Will woke up and saw Estelí bending over a fire with a blue thing in his hand, but before he could much think on that, Will saw Grace move a little bit and then groan. 

“I think she’s waking up!” said Will with relief. Grace groaned again and cringed in pain. 

“Were am I?” she said a little disoriented.

“And why do I have a bandage around my waist?” said Grace in a questioning tone.  “We were hoping you could tell us.” said Will. 

“Sorry but I can’t remember anything that has happened from the time I was in Rainar til now.” said Grace sadly. Then her eyes got really wide and she had an expression of remembrance. 

“I remember now.” she said. “I think I should start from when Rainar was melting away.”


The End

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