Grace a girl who just wants nothing to do with anyone, finds herself embarked on a mission to save herself, her family, and her best friends from the most evil person in the world.


              This story starts when Grace Marshall and her mom moved to a house that they had inherited from Grace’s great uncle who had gone mad. Grace didn’t want to move from their home in New York all the way down to Fort Wayne Indiana were the weather is never really predicable, but she had no chose. After the 8 or so hour drive Grace wasn’t really in the mood to do anything but sit and stare out the window at the passing scenery, and lucky that’s all there was to do. 

By the time they were in Fort Wayne, Grace was absolutely positive that she was going hate living here. It was so small and it was nothing like New York, the city was so much smaller and there was less people. As Grace’s mom was turning off an exit ramp Grace noticed that it was number 15 which she considered her lucky number because on the 15 of every month she always had something good happen to her.
After stopping at a speedway gas station Margaret Marshall announced,

 “We are almost there.”

 “Finally.”Grace thought sarcastically.

Her mom turned into a addition really close to the gas station and then went to the very back of it. Finally her mom pulled into a driveway of a house that was blue and white and had a flowering tree in the yard. As Grace got out of the car to stretch and look around her new neighborhood she noticed that at one of the houses children were playing on the swing in the front of a house that looked like her old one. It made her feel home sick. Then she noticed that two of the girls in the yard were her own age or so it looked like, and the odd thing was they were playing with children half their own age but they looked content do it. 

After they were settled into the house and almost unpacked Grace went to her room to unpack, but instead she sat on her bed staring out her window thinking of her old friends and just how much she missed them.  

When the school year started Grace was the new girl, and of course everybody shuns the new girl, so she was invisible… No not even close, by the first class she felt right at home and her teachers were nice. She didn’t think that this kind of school existed but, yet here it was. She got though the first day of school at NAYB without even being made fun of.   About lunchtime a girl approached Grace. Grace recognized her from some of her classes and the neighborhood. 

“Hi, my name in Sophia. What’s yours?” 

“Mine is Grace. It’s nice to meet you.” Grace said excited at the thought of making a new friend. 

“So where are you from?” Sophia asked. 

“Well I from New York, but I had to move here because my mom said we couldn’t stay in our other house, also I guess we inherited the house from my great uncle, or something.” said Grace. 

 “Wow, that’s kind of cool. Do you want eat lunch with me at my table?” said Sophia with a brilliant smile on her face.

 “Sure. I didn’t know that people had tables to themselves.” Grace said incomprehensively.

“Yeah…well I do cause nobody really likes to be around me. I don’t know why but you just kind of got to take things for granted around here.” Sophia sighed her face saddening.

“Oh…”“But today two people are going to sit with me.” she said brightening. 

“Me and who is the other person?” Grace asked.

“Marnee.” Sophia replied.

“Marnee as in the singer?” Grace asked astonished.

“Yeah… her and I are best friends.” Sophia replied happily.
After  sitting and eating lunch with Sophia and Marnee, Grace always sat with them in every class she could.

That summer Grace was so bored that she would have been happily done anything and this was because her friends were all away on holidays and she was always home, so most of the time she read or explored the trees next to the house that her and her Mom had moved to that year. Most of the time spent in the wood was done by the creek that flowed out of the near by waterfall, writing poems or stories that came into her head.About half way through the summer Grace had been bored of every thing and she had already explored the woods next to her house. Grace remembered that there was an empty house next to theirs so she thought she would go see what it was like. She tried looking in the windows but they were all closed up and drapes over the windows. Being bored is not a fun thing so she decided to try the back door.When she tried the back door it opened easily. She yelled into the house,

“Hello is anyone home?” A mysterious voice replied, 

“Come in Child.” When inside the house it was pitch black. She tried to find a light switch but there was none, so she took a few steps inside and bumped into something tall that felt like a person. Suddenly it grunted. Grace was so surprised that she jumped and fell over a table and chair. 

Then the light went on and Grace saw four things that looked like statues that she had bumped into were life size, and very real to her. Suddenly a tall woman as white as snow in the skin and very blond hair strode in. 

“Oh, who are you?” said Grace as she rubbed her bruises. 

 “I? Do you not know? I am the Queen! I am also known as Aikanaro. And who are you, Young Insolence?” 

“Me?” said Grace.

“Yes, you. Who else would I be talking to?” said the Queen. 

“My name is Grace.” 

“Is that how you address a Queen?!”

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty…so if you are Queen, what are you queen of?” said Grace. 

“I am Queen of Galma!” 

“What is Galma?” said Grace. 

“Galma is the great country that I, person above all people, ruler above all rulers, am queen of, you stupid girl.” said the queen. 

“I don’t understand.” said Grace standing up from the ground. 

“Since you don’t seem to be smart at all, I will take you there ONLY under one condition, that you listen to me and not do anything or touch anything at all. Do you understand?!” said the queen almost yelling 

“Yes, your majesty.” said Grace very quietly.                                                                                                                                   

The queen went into a room and stood at a stair case that went up forever and ever or at least as far as Grace could see. 

“Come on girl, hurry up! I will not wait all day long.” They started up the huge stair case. On and on they went. Grace was sure it had been two hours at least, if not more. Then Grace got bored and started counting the stairs. By the time she counted to 200, they were finally at the end. Then she saw a single door at the top and when the queen opened it, it led into the sky. 

“Come girl, I am not going to wait for you forever.” said Aikanaro. 

“How are we supposed to get out of that?” said Grace. 

“If you watch I will show you, Insolent Girl.” said Aikanaro. 
Then she walked up a few more steps and jumped, and as if she had been sucked up a vacuum, she disappeared. Then as the queen did, Grace jumped. She felt as if a vacuum was pulling at her. Then with a sudden jerk she was standing on cold stone in a huge room. To Grace it looked like a palace courtroom. Then the queen reappeared in a rich costume with gold enlaced in it. To Grace, it was the most beautiful outfit in the entire world.

“I thought that you would never come.” said Aikanaro. 

“Why, I only stood in the stair for less than a minute.” said Grace.

“Well, girl you must understand that time here is very different from time in your world. Here it has been three days.” said Aikanaro. 

“Three days! That is a long time.” said Grace.
The queen took Grace by the hand and took her all over the castle. Grace thought it was the biggest place she had ever seen. Finally they got to the outside of the castle. The queen spoke to Grace and said, 

“All that you can see, in every direction, is Galma.” To Grace, it looked huge. It was so big you couldn’t see the other side of it. “This is My world.” said Aikanaro. 

“Wow! It’s so big.” said Grace. 

“Well what did you expect girl. I wouldn’t be queen of a small world.” said the queen. 

“Where are all the people?” said Grace. 

“What people?” said Aikanaro 

“Uh, the people you would have in a kingdom.” said Grace. 

“I don’t need any peasants. I have my wand. It does anything I want it to. That is why there are no peasants. I just have no use for them so I made them all die at my hands.” Aikanaro laughed wickedly.            

“Isn’t that kind of hard luck on them?” said Grace getting more disgusted with the queen. 

“Oh yes, I forgot you are just one like them. There is no royal blood in you at all. You would not understand.  We don’t need to think about taking care of peasants, poor people, ever.”       
Aikanaro and Grace got out of the castle and all Grace saw was empty houses and thought she was going to cry. Aikanaro went off somewhere and Grace was left alone. She decided to look in one of the houses. As she walked in the house something moved. She thought this was strange because no thing in that world was still living except her and the queen. But as she walked in she thought she saw a small boy hiding in one corner of the room she was in.

“Is someone there?” said Grace. “You don’t have to be afraid of me.” To her left, a boy about her age came out. He looked as if he hadn’t eaten for a long time. 

“Who are you; My name is Grace, if that helps?” 

“My name is William.” he said a bit shyly. As he walked closer to Grace, she thought she almost felt as sad as he did. 

“Why were you hiding?” said Grace. 

“Well, I will tell you, but you have to promise that you will not tell the Black Witch…ever.” said Will. 

“Is there something that I’m not getting?” said Grace questionably.

“Yes, sadly there is a terrible secret that I only know besides the queen. That is why I’m hiding.” Will said sadly. 

“If… you please, tell me what happened.” Grace said. 

“Well about five years ago, the black witch’s mother had just died, and her father ignored her (which later he wished he hadn’t done). Then she started playing with black magic. Soon after she had mastered it she decided that she didn’t need her father anymore, so she murdered him. The people didn’t know what really happened, so she became their Queen.” Will said with a sigh. “She reigned for two years and, everything thing seemed to be just fine, but then without anybody’s notice she would get really angry and make different people into statues. Finally the people noticed but it was too late. Then to make it look fine she invited everyone in the world to a huge feast, but she had poisoned everyone’s cup. That is why there is nobody.” Will said sadly. 

“Then how come you are still here? Shouldn’t you have died too?” said Grace questionably. 

“Yes, but I was not old enough to go. You see I was only seven and had two little sisters, so my family just stayed home. But the queen found us and she was very angry, she thought that if she sent us away we wouldn’t be a problem so we appeared in your world in the house next to you.” said Will

“Then how did you end up here, and is your family is still in my world?” said Grace. 

“Well I found the door that you went through and got back here on accident, and have not been able to get back since.” Will despaired.  

“Do you think the Queen knows?” Grace questioned him. 

“Probably not considering I have only been here for one week.” said Will. 

“Do you know a way out of here, or a place that we’ll be safe at?” Grace asked. 

“I only know were we‘ll be safe for a little while.” Will said confidently. “Follow me if you will.”
To Grace where ever they were going was taking forever to get there. Then they reached the palace. 

“Why are we here?” asked Grace. 

“This is where we will be safe, trust me.” Will kindly announced. They walked into the palace to what was once a courtyard. Then they walked into a very small room. As they walked one step farther a door opened into what seemed to be the empty sky. Grace was so scared that she bumped Will on accident and they fell through the doorway. “Ahhh, what’s happening?” said Grace looking scared. Down, down, down, they fell, then they landed on something soft but it was totally dark and there was no sound except their labored breathing.

Five minutes later it seemed to be getting a little bit lighter on their right side. Then there was a man who was very handsome and very tall, walking at them from the whiteness. The place they were at was empty it was nothingness, but as the man walked the nothingness was turning into a huge room. It was beautiful. The ceiling was very high and the windows were stain glassed. The whole room was white and there were all sorts of stuff like, globes, maps, books, and many other things of interest. 

“What are you doing here?” said the man 

“We were walking and we just fell here.” said Grace 

“What is your name?” said Will just being a little bit inquisitive 

“My name is Estelí. And may I ask what your names are?” 

“My name is Grace and his name is William.” 

“What is the name of this world?” said Grace. 

“Well I haven’t named it yet, maybe you would like to name It.” said Estelí. 

“Well how about…. I know, RAINAR.” said Grace excitedly. 

“What a beautiful name, I think that will do very well.” said Estelí.“Now it time to get down to business. You would not just come here for nothing, so what did you come here for? Did you think that you accidentally fell here?” said Estelí. 

“How could we have come here with a purpose?” said Grace. 

“You think that there is no purpose? There is a purpose for everything.” said Estelí 

“So if there was a reason why we came here then what is it?” Grace said with interest.

“Well I suspect that William over there has already told you about Aikanaro? Right.” Estelí said. 

“Yes? Why did you ask…and how did you know that?” said Grace astonished. 

“We can get into that later right now I need to hurry and…”  
Estelí’s voice got softer and everything got foggier and foggier. Then Grace was back at her house sitting on her bed and next to her was William. As she tried to stand up she couldn’t then she tried to move her arm to touch Will but she couldn’t move her arm either. She started to panic, and then the witch walked in the room and sat on a chair.

“So you thought you could run didn’t you? But you didn’t did you? The boy sitting next to you isn’t real, he is just a figure of your imagination, see? Watch…” said the black witch laughingly. Then as the world she fell into blew away, so did Will. Grace thought she would cry because in the short time she knew Will, she had grown fond of him. “SO, maybe now that I have you, you would like to know what I have been up to.”

The End

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