Rain, Rain, go away...

Adolescence in itself is no picnic, especially if you are diagnosed with GID (Gender Identity Disorder). Join the story as a young girl with GID discovers her path and attempts to eradicate the shadow of her formal self.

Solemnly, Raina trudged across the road to her bus.  The sky was pouring down rain relentlessly, suggesting that god was deadset on flooding the small town of Perry, KS.  Although this idea seemed ridiculous, she couldn't rid her mind of the thought.  Maybe the Big Guy was just trying to kill Raina.  I wouldn't hold it against him.  She thought to herself, grimly.

Raina climbed the steep stairs of the school bus, slid past the smoking driver, and found her regular seat.  All around her, the sounds of little kids playing electronic devices rang throughout the steel vehicle.  She was just about to get settled when a red-haired fourth grader popped up in the seat next to her.

"Hiya Jacob!"  He annoyingly chimed.

Raina. She said to herself.  My name is Raina.  "Hey Braden."  Raina forced herself to say.  Although the response was dripping with traces of 'Will you sit down and leave me the hell alone', it took less subtlety than that to get the point across to an obnoxious red-headed grade schooler.

"Did you have a good weekend Jacob?  I had a good weekend."  He droned on.  "I went out riding ATV's with my brothers and my cousins, and then we went out to Wendy's, and then..."

With little effort, Raina convinced herself that whatever he said was of little to no importance.  She plugged her iPod into he ears and turned the volume to max.  Tik Tok rang in her ears, draining out the less than pleasant signs of the bus.


At this point, you are probably wondering:  "Wait, how could Raina and Jacob be the same person?  Raina is a girl name, and Jacob is a guy name!"  I do not blame you for your confusion.  In fact, it is very well-based. 

To a reader, the gender of the character is very important.  It helps the reader know who is speaking at which points, and is vital to developing a character's attractions and personality.  If you are one of the people who thinks like this, then this story might not be for you. 

Raina was, in fact, born a boy.  She was born Jacob Zabel, to parents Laura and Doug Zabel.  But as she grew up, she realized that there was a part of her that really never accepted who her parents were raising her to be.  As society split up Raina and her female friends (the only ones she had), that part grew stronger.  It fed on anger, jealousy, hate, and sadness. 

Raina Zabel was the flower inside of Jacob that was never given proper soil in which to bloom.  She knew that if she came forward into the light, she would be pushed back violently into the darkness.  So violently that she may never be able to see the light.  Ever. 

So with much sadness, she pretended to be someone who she was not:  Jacob.  Her entire life was a lie, and everybody loved her for the mask that she hid behind.  Nobody knew that there was even a person that existed behind Jacob, nor did anyone expect it.  They just went on with their normal lives, thinking:  Ah, who cares about Jacob.

Raina spent every minute of every day depressed because no matter what happened, she would always be behind a mask; A fate she wouldn't condemn even her worst enemies to.  So she sat there like Rapunzel, waiting to be freed. 

Little did she know, her life was about to reach one hell of a climax.

The End

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