Rain On Me

    I remember it like as if it was just yesterday. The last time I saw the rain before the accident. The drops are now invisible to me, but I appreciate the feeling much more. I hear my family calling to me to come in from the rain and I ignore them. None of them could ever understand this feeling, this feeling of wanting. I hear the rain falling all around me, but I do not see the drops. My skin feels cool in the rainy afternoon, but my heart feels warm.

    Several drops make it into my mouth and I savour the taste of purity that was sent to me from the heavens above and slowly my salty tears meet the drops. They blend warmly on my cheeks and I smile unknowingly. How I wish that I could see the rain one last time. I spread my arms now, making sure my body makes full contact with this glorious liquid, and I laugh.

    I hear my family murmuring sadly as they let me enjoy my sadness a little bit longer. Puddles form around my bare feet and my toes move as if on their own every time a cool drop touches them.

    This is where I wish I could be for all eternity. Here, caught in the rain that my eyes can not see, but the rain that my heart can feel, and that my nose can smell.

    The rain that has become part of me, has made me free from my pain.

The End

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