Spainish Class

I sit in the desk in the farthest back of the room.  I glance up and see the teacher with her head facing the chalkboard as she writes. Her writing is sloppy. She writes: Welcome to Spainish class I'm Miss. Zucchi.

She turns around and I stare at her face, her nose pushed in her eyes are too far apart she starts to Spainish. I don't understand a word she says. I hate it when language teachers do this. It's like she's trying to play charades. Starting to ignore her I grab a notebook and start to doodle.

"Sami?" I hear and look up. It's her. Miss Zucchi.

"What." I mutter.

"BLAH BLAH BLAH." Was all I heard. I answered simply.

"No hablo espanol."

I heard a few kids chuckle I just sat quietly for the rest of class.

The End

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