The bell rings and the class is over. Yes!  My silent victory. The class was over.  The girl across the room stopped scowling at me long enough so that I could get out of homeroom. I looked around the small hallway. Others in my grade had friends to walk to their class with. I had none. My steps falter as I realize I am as popular as a slice of bread. I have no friends now. All since sixth grade had gone their seperate ways.

 Joe was one of my closet friends, he moved to Nebraska  since his father's job had been moved their. Joe wasn't the brightest but he knew how to cheer me up when I was down.

Another friend of mine was Sydney. How I loath her now.  You see she had lived in another town for a while... out of state.  When she came back she wasn't the same. She started to go crazy over every boy in site and cried when her boyfriend from the other town dumped her. She was depressed and starting to be mean to me because she knew I would take it. And me being naive I did.  This lasted about three months before it came to a climax.  We had a big fight and she only cared about being popular. She thought she was so popular, but she wasn't.  So we went our seperate ways. She didn't care about me.  She wasn't a true friend.

I walked a bit faster not letting my mind control my feet's pace.  I see Sydney. She stares at me, glareing. She points at me and laughs.

"Loser!" She screams. I run to my next class.


The End

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