Rain is like my sunshine.

I guess I'll give it a try? Writing is not my best subject I don't know if I'm any good comments are appriciated.

I slouch over a small book reading the print. Soaking the story in page by page. I drown out the others in the room. I'm not here. I think to myself. I look up. A kid dances the moon walk in the middle of the room. Why is it that most 7th grade boys are so immature, I mean why can't they be the least bit sensible? I am Sami. Young and vibrant but quiet as though my mouth is shut in an everlasting spell. I can break the spell, yet I don't want to I just want the school year to be over and yet it has just begun.  I breath in deeply letting my lung relax as I slowly let out air.  The sounds of the small classroom fill my ears. Half the girls begging for gum from one or another. The boys just starving for attention. I don't pay any attention.

A girl across the room scowls at me. I shurg. "What?" She mouthes. You know what you've done. I look at her. Memories flood into my mind. No... NO!  I keep an emotionless face I can't help but  let a tear roll down my face. The horrible memory.


The End

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