...Nothing's Left But to Tumble Down

I narrowed my eyes and the water in my palms evenly parted. I smiled.

“How naïve of me to think…”

Before violently bursting into tiny droplets.

“… that you would take my life!”


Yuri opened her eyes and immediately turned to her side expecting to see her angel still sleeping. She frowned upon seeing the other side of the bed, empty and her angel, nowhere inside the room.


Yuri stood up and started calling her lovers name. Her eyes suddenly landed on the window near their bed. There she saw her angel, standing near the shore, looking at the sea. She frowned.

“What is she doing outside? It’s still too early.”

Yuri immediately rushed outside. She was feeling nervous for an unknown reason and she hated it. She ran towards the place where she saw her angel a while ago. Upon arriving in the area, she did see Jessica, instead, she saw the lady that she has almost forgotten, Amphitrite.

“You! Where is Jessica?! What have you done to her?”

Yuri shouted at the goddess of the sea, wanting nothing but the Goddess to deny her suspicion. But the goddess merely looked at her sadly.

“I have come to collect my compensation…”

“But why her? Why not take me? Take my life instead!”

The goddess shook her head sadly.

“You told me to take the most important thing in your life Yuri. I’m sorry..”

The goddess slowly retreated and disappeared with the waves.


Yuri shouted in desperation before collapsing on the shore.


I let my hands drop on my side before looking up once again. I stared in front of me and slowly, the rain droplets formed a human figure. It was my angel, smiling blissfully at me. I smiled back and started running towards her as I willed the water to do one last thing for me. For it to take me to my love so that I can finally be with her.


And Yuri ran under the rain… and disappeared forever.

The End

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