Upon Reaching the Peak...

After sadly gazing at the angry sky, I stood up and opened my palms. I looked at them with a blank stare as water got trapped in them. 


“One of Korea’s youngest scientists, Kwon Yuri, has once again saved thousands of lives as she has successfully discovered the cure for another water born disease that has plagued Korea for the past months…”

Ding dong

The sound of the doorbell made the chestnut haired girl, who was sitting on the sofa, stand up. She excitedly walked towards her door and opened it. Outside was a tanned girl, wearing casual clothes.


The chestnut haired girl jumped on the girl outside and hugged her.

“Woah Sica-baby. Did you miss me that much?”

Kwon Yuri held onto her girlfriend as she prevented them from falling down. She then grinned happily when her girlfriend slowly let go and faced her, revealing the fact that the chestnut haired girl was pouting.

“Of course I miss you! You’ve been all over the news but never beside me.”

Yuri smiled apologetically upon hearing what Jessica said. She entered the apartment and closed the door behind her before possessively capturing her girl’s lips. Their lips parted when oxygen became necessary but Yuri’s hand stayed on Jessica’s cheeks, lightly caressing it.

“I’m sorry Sica. It has really been hectic these past few months. But…”

Yuri fished a key from her pocket and handed it to Jessica. Jessica looked at Yuri questioningly. Yuri grinned at her before lightly tapping her girlfriend’s nose.

“They have finally granted me a one month all expense paid vacation so go pack up. We are leaving now.”

Jessica’s eyes widened in surprise as she took in what Yuri said.


Yuri chuckled at her girlfriend’s reaction before nodding slowly.

Jessica squealed in excitement before giving Yuri a quick peck. She then rushed towards her room and started hurriedly packing her stuffs.

The End

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