Decisions would always have consequences.

Tip tap tip tap tip tap…

I could feel tiny droplets of rain falling on my body…

Tip tap tip tap tip tap…

Slow at first…

Tip tap tip tap tip tap tip tap

Then gradually, the rain started to pick up speed….

Tip tap tip tap tip tap tip tap

I could feel my whole body getting wet…

Tip tap tip tap tip tap tip tap

But I stayed there… sitting…

Tip tap tip tap tip tap tip tap

Looking at those people running to escape the cruel rain…

Tip tap tip tap tip tap tip tap

I raised my head up to look at the sky, with my hand trying to shield my eyes from the droplets of rain.

Tip tap tip tap tip tap tip tap

And the tears fell...


A teenage girl clad in a blue dress stood in front of the ocean while crying her heart out. Soft sobs could be heard as silent tears flowed down her cheeks. She stared at the sea as her own sea of wrath engulfed her.

“Why?! Why have you made me so weak? If I had not been weak, I would have done something to prevent my family from dying! Why is it that all I can do is run?! How pathetic is that?”

She picked up a shell near her feet and threw it at the water.


She gave one last angry shout before dropping down on the sand and sobbing.

“Why have you made me so useless? You have voided me of physical and intellectual strength… You have rendered me useless… “

As the girl continued to sob while hugging her knees, a slight disturbance was seen in the water. Slowly, a swirling pool formed in front of the girl and from it emerged a smiling lady, clad in a sparkling blue dress. Her golden hair was adorned by a crown and in her hand, she holds a trident. This surprised the sobbing girl and made stood up. She was about to run when the lady, who was still standing on water, spoke.

“You wanted to be of some use right?”

This stopped the girl from her tracks. She turned around and faced the lady. Albeit still frightened, she nodded. This made the lady smile wider.

“I am Amphitrite. I have heard you, and have pitied you. Though I can’t give you intelligence or physical strength that you yearn, I can give you one thing. Dominance. Dominance over water. Being one with water.”

The lady lifted her trident and made the water move so it would bring her closer to the girl.

“This is the most that I can do. But it is not for free…”

They are now standing face to face, the girl with the look of determination and the lady with the look of curiosity.

“I have nothing and I’m worth nothing. You can take the most important thing to me. You can take whatever you seem worthy to be taken. Anything. Just give me the ability that you told me of.”

“Are you sure?”


The lady sighed and opened her hand. Sitting in the middle of her palm, was a black pearl, gleaming with its unfathomable beauty. She handed this to the girl before giving her another smile.

“Very well then. I will be back in ten years for my compensation.”

Upon saying this, the lady was slowly carried back to the middle of the sea and disappeared along with the waves.

The End

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