I sat back and listened to them.  They were afraid... understandable, rain hadn't fallen for close to a year now.  The wells were drying up,  the crops weren't yeilding profits,, there just wasn't enough water.  A few families had moved on but most, inspite of the curse stayed.  That is what it was, a curse, from the old woman that lived up on the hill.  It had been funny at the time but no one laughed now. 

Once she had been regaled.  She had been the one they listened to, she predicted the rain, protected the crops, the animals and, their lives.  But they had found the source of  the water,, it welled up from the ground.  It was fresh and sweet,, there seemed to be an endless supply.  So they left her, they ridiculed her, they pushed the memory of her to the back of all they had learned, and in her anger she had cursed them...cursed them like God had cursed the ground in the bible.  No rain until they gave her her rightful due.

Now they had a meeting,, they plotted against the old woman.  Who was it to be?  My draw, short straw…. I placed my foot on the creaking stair.. the old porch was dilapidated and threatened to collapse under my weight. She sat in the old rocking chair, her hair white like snow, the eyes floating in the stew of cataracts. She was small very tiny,, her hands gripped the arms of the chair, her nails long and hooked like an eagles talons. She looked up at me and I was surprised at the strength in the voice.. “so boy,, they picked you” she cocked her head to the side. “I say this,, get on with it,,you will have sealed their fate” she turned her head,  and I struck her.

The sky was cloudy,, it had clouded over the same day the old witch had died. You could hear rain, smell it but,, it didn’t touch the ground.. I walked to the edge of the village, rain fell outside the perimeter,, none inside,, thunder rolled,, lightening, but no rain fell on us.  I looked around.  It was like being under a large dome and I knew, I remembered. “you will have sealed their fate”

The End

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