Matthew had porridge and jam for breakfast with a glass of orange juice. When he returned to his room, he found Mandy sitting on the bed, reading a book. The book was called 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.'

'That was a present from my grandma,' Matthew explained. 'I don't like her.'

'Why not?' the doll said, looking up from the book. 'This is a nice story.'

'So? I don't like Grandma. Get off the bed, you're making it all dirty.'

Mandy got off the bed. 'What is a grandma?' she asked.

'You ask too many questions. Everyone knows what a grandma is - it's an old lady that visits you at Christmas and stuff like that.'

Mandy walked over to the bookshelf in a wobbly sort of way, and put the book back where she found it. Then she sat cross-legged on the floor and started to pick somne of the pieces of dust from her yellow dress. Matthew watched her make a pile of dust on the floor, then pick it all up and tuck in it her pocket.

'What do you want to do now?'

Matthew shrugged. 'I'm pretty bored. I wanna watch a video. But the video player is in the playroom, and dolls aren't allowed in there.'

Mandy nodded. The two sat in relative silence; Matthew biting his nails, Mandy examining the gaps in the stitching of her arm, and wondering how she could repair it later.

'I know,' matthew said. 'Let's play Hide and Seek!'

'OK. How do you play?'

Matthew was starting to get bored of the rag doll asking so many questions, but controlled his temper. 'You have to go and hide somewhere in this room, and I have to come and find you! Now you go hide while I'm not looking.'

Matthew covered his eyes, and heard Mandy hurry off. After he'd counted to twenty, he looked in the toy-box, behind the curtains, under the chairs, even in the drawers of his desk. But Mandy was nowhere to be found.

Eventually, Matthew gave up searching and went to play football.

That evening he went to bed rather tired and found Mandy staring at him from the ceiling lamp.

'You found me!' the doll exclaimed happily.

The End

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