Next morning when Matthew woke up, the sun was shining through his bedroom window. He grinned as he remembered Mandy, and unlocked the door.

She crawled out immediatly, covered in dust and looking rather grey, but still smiling pleasantly. It was like that was the only facial expression she had.

'Hello Matthew,' the doll said. 'Could you fix my arm now please?'

'Hey!' Matthew said in reply. 'I'm not out of bed yet. Just give me a minute.'

Mandy parked on the floor and waited for Matthew to get up.

'Are you my brother?' Mandy asked. 'Can I call you brother?'

'OK.' Matthew put on his slippers and padded out of the room.

Mandy nodded, none the wiser, and walked over to the window. She smiled at the sun and the swaying green trees outside. It was all so pretty.

'Can we play outside today, Matthew?' she asked, as he returned.

'No. Come here and I'll fix your arm.'

Mandy walked towards him. Matthew held a needle in one hand and a length of thread in the other. He poked the thread through the eye of the needle, took aim and brought it down into Mandy's arm.

Mandy blinked. 'It doesn't hurt,' she reassured Matthew, but he didn't seem to be listening. In and out went the needle, and soon the rag doll's arm was reattatched  - though not very well.

Mandy made a mental note to try stitching herself a little later on, so she could sew her own arms back on if it happened again.

'I'm going to go to breakfast now,' Matthew announced, and left the room again.

'Can I read one of your books, Brother?' the doll asked sweetly before he shut the door.

'Sure,' he said. Then he was gone again.



The End

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