The next morning

The next morning, Matthew woke up, and his first feeling was dismay, because Mandy was no longer resting on the windowsill. His next feeling as he turned round was surprise, because Mandy was sitting at the end of his bed looking at him.

She was now about a foot taller than him. She was now tall and lanky. Her hair was bright orange, her dress was yellow, her eyes were blue, her lips were red. It was definitely Mandy, and Matthew was pleased to see that she was sitting there, waving at him in a friendly sort of way.

He sat up. 'You're awake,' he said.

'Yes,' Mandy said. 'I am. I think the moon did it. When I opened my eyes, that was the first thing I saw.'

'Uh-huh,' Matthew said impatiently. 'So. Your name is Mandy. I'm Matthew.' He pointed to himself. 'OK?'

The rag doll nodded. 'I understand. How old are you, Matthew?'

'Nearly eight,' he replied, getting out of bed. 'So, do you want to play with me?'

'Yes,' Mandy decided, and stood up. She wobbled a bit, as if she wasn't used to walking. She steadied herself, then flexed her fingers a few times, then flapped her arms. Matthew began to feel annoyed.

'Hurry up!' he said. 'I haven't got all day!'

Mandy nodded again, smiled, and she and Matthew sat on the floor.

'Right,' she said, tilting her head and smiling. 'What are we going to play first?'


The End

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