Radiance: EightMature

(Do you know what happens next? Radiance. We all become a light that shines for someone else.)

The doctor smiled as he bent down to sign the last of the forms. I sat by, as always in his presence, twirling my fingers the way veins might twist in a wave of shock. Three years had not changed him much. But then, I didn’t suppose it had changed me either.

That wasn’t what they thought, though, and their opinion was all that mattered. The pen clicked a sound that screamed finality. And I welcomed it. I welcomed to absolution of it. When the other man met my gaze, it was with some sort of sadness I just couldn’t place. "How are you feeling?"

I cracked a devious smirk. "Couldn’t resist?"

The doctor shrugged. "Just for old time’s sake."

I nodded like I understood. Perhaps I did. Perhaps everyone held onto the past in his or her own ways, because the past was familiar, comfortable. But life was about letting go. Sure, no one knew what waited around the corner, what demons rested in the shadows. But there was always a light.

He walked me to the door. I thanked him, and he surprised me by doing the same.

"What do you suppose you’ll do now?" He asked me.

I paused in consideration, then flashed him a meaningless half-smile. "Smoke a few cigarettes." To that, he only laughed. Where the moment had been drawn out long enough, I took one last look around the place that had been home for so long. Then I turned the handle, opened the door, and stopped out into the radiance of the setting sun.

She whispered she loved me as she slipped away.


The End

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