Radiance: SevenMature

(Only the end reveals the truth.)

It was raining that night. I could hear it coming down against the window. I hated the rain, I thought bitterly, with another long drag on my cigarette. A small comfort to me.

She was the one who loaded the guns. Really, the whole thing was her idea. I still don’t know if I even wanted to die. But she did, or thought she did, and I’d sworn to myself that I would follow her anywhere to feel the light she brought into my life. Living in the shadows had grown exhausting, and anyway, all devils needed an angel to counter them.

By the time she sat down across from me, the cigarette had burned down to the filter. I put it out right on the carpet, never taking my eyes off of her. A smile graced her lips as se handed me a gun. "We don’t have to do this." Oh, but we did. The world had grown dark. And who could turn back on a decision like that?

Before gripping the gun, I leaned in to kiss her, to feel her lips against my own one last time. She was everything beautiful and flawless and radiant. She was the only thing I’d ever held onto, giving her everything she could ask for. And now she was asking me to let her go. I had no choice…no, I did. And I chose to. Not her. Me.

"I love you," I told her, even though it hardly seemed necessary. "We’ll be together again soon."

She nodded through the tears and the sorrow and the anger and the love. I realized I was crying too. But my tears were of joy, because I knew that I was releasing her from all of her scars. I was freeing her, as a butterfly breaks free from a chrysalis. I was saving her. And that was the greatest gift of all.

With that final thought, I pulled the trigger.

The End

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