Radiance: FourMature

(Love doesn’t last forever. Death does.)

Bare skin brushed, sparking a fire that burned in my blood, across my flesh. Lips collided in a rush of passion, and a moan of ecstasy arose from somewhere within her delicate frame. Never had I seen anything so close to perfect. I didn’t believe in much, but if there was ever anything to offer me hope, it was that girl.

With the fingers that had once traced every contour of her body, I reached up to wipe a few stray tears away. I used to think that crying was a sigh of weakness. Now I saw it as a symbol of strength, proof that I was holding onto my emotions. That I had not lost all will to apathy and medication.

It was late, and the room was dark. Sometimes the stars would offer some light into my prison, some form of radiance, but that night even they had abandoned me. I was alone, not even my devils to keep me company.

"You need to try and sleep."

I gave a great start, pulling away from the shadows until my back was pressed against the cool wall that my bed rested against. She stared at me all the while, golden eyes glinting in the darkness. Her pale blonde hair appeared white to me. Very hesitantly, she reached out to trail one finger down my jaw.

"You’re not here," I said shakily, hating myself for it. They told me that was what she wanted, to talk to me. They told me that every time I acknowledged her, it made her grip on me that much tighter.

Her eyes widened in that way she knew I couldn’t resist, crawling towards me until she was in my la, nuzzling against my chest. "Of course I am, Ryan. I told you I’d always be here with you."

Against my better judgment, I reached up to brush back a strand of her hair. It felt so soft between my fingers, but I knew it was a lie. It should have been lifeless. Even now, she was breathtaking. Draining the life out of me. It was a pain I didn’t particularly mind.

The End

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