Rachel's Friends

With fury in her eyes Rachel pushed Kevin to the floor. She plonked her bum down on his face while the other three looked gormlessly startled.

"Well he shouldn't have said my hair is wavy when it's curly!" she rationalised.

Kevin stopped squirming beneath her so she stood up and let him breathe. Red faced he quickly jumped up rather disgruntled. Rachel grabbed Dana's flip flop instantly and began beating Kevin around the head. Kevin cowered backwards leading them in circles around their three friends.

Rachel saw Miss Browns look over inquisitively therefore stamping a huge smile over her face, complete with a fake giggle, while she continued to beat Kevin repeatedly.

"Smile!" she hissed through gritted teeth.

Kevin took up the order and Miss Browns, satisfied with apparent frolicks and fun continued on her rounds of the playground.

Suddenly the beating disisted. Rachel threw her arms up high and the flip flop far and declared in a scream,

"I forgive you!"

At this the three onlookers ran over. Rachel took Kevin's arm and pointed across the playgroud dramatically.

"Take us to the frogs you found Kev!" she boomed.

And off they all went. Some more worse for wear then others.

The End

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