A short reminisce about a time which is long gone. Not really a story as such but it's one of the first things i wrote and finished!

Life was brilliant. Everything was going according to plan, I had a wonderful boyfriend to spend the summer with, the warmest summer we’d had in quite a while. All our exams had been and gone and we were looking forward to a month or two without a care in the world. I remember going to the river with my best friend and our boyfriends and us chatting in the scorching heat as our “men” sat and read our extensive collection of cosmopolitan magazines! It should have been perfect.

In fact the only thing that was missing was the rest of our friends, who had seemed to become distant to us. We found as we had fun on the sun their lives twisted and turned for the worse, not completely the end of the world, but as teenagers and at the time it seemed very close. As the summer came to an end so did arguments and relationships and we vowed never to find ourselves in that situation again, however, things that go around come around.


We now find ourselves re-living the summer, not identically, but in spookily similar circumstances. Snow instead of Heat. Girl friends instead of Lad mates. Opposite yet exactly the same…. And it causes me to wonder if this is just what it’s always going to be, our miniature boom and bust. I suppose eventually we will sort all this out and then it’ll be another casualty next year, it could even be me.


Sometimes it’s hard to see through the mist of arguments to see what is really there. Family and your true friends who will always be there for you no matter what, stick by you through the many arguments and it’s sad that they are nearly always overshadowed by your latest tragedy or gossip and even in some horrible cases they are the gossip yet they put us all to shame by forgetting it and getting on with being Fabulous.


This is for you.

The End

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