Race: Part Six

I walk back to my room, torn. I want to be with Taylor almost as much as I craved death a few years ago. But do I want to take the chance of getting hurt? No. I don't. But Taylor has strong feelings for me, it's easy to see that. Would he ever hurt me? Not intentionally. I reach beneath my jacket and into my tank top and grab my necklace. It's my dad's wedding ring on a silver chain.
I hold up the ring and look at it. "What do I do, dad?"
I sigh and slip the ring on my finger. My fingers are smaller than my dad's were, so the ring only fits on my thumb. I look at the silver ring glinting on my thumb. I smile as I remember the last conversation my dad and I had before he died.

"Daddy, what's Valentine's Day?"
He laughed. "It's a day for people to celebrate their love for each other."
I had my thinking face on. "So was I supposed to get my teacher a present? I love her."
My dad smiled and ruffled my hair. "No, it's a day for moms and dads and boyfriends and girlfriends to give each other presents to show how much they love each other."
I nodded. "So if I ever get a boyfriend when I'm older, I'll get him a present for Valentine's Day?"
He nodded. "Exactly. But don't worry about that until you're older, like fifteen or sixteen."
I smiled and looked up at him "Daddy, that won't ever happen. You're my boyfriend."
He looked over at me and laughed. "Rhi, I can't be your boyfriend, I'm mamma's. But I'm something that I can't ever be for her."
I grinned excitedly, happy that I had part of daddy all to myself. "What's that?"
He whispered so softly, I had to lean closer to hear him. "I'm always going to be your daddy and you're always going to be my baby girl."
Those were the last words he said to me before he pushed me out of the car and he was killed.

The End

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