Chapter Thirteen

Flapping my stick at the branches in front of me, I hacked my way through the thicket. Twigs stabbed me in the face.

I stopped for a moment to give my aching arms a rest. Nearly there, I could  see a clearing somewhere forwards. Then I walked into something. Something thick. Something invisivle but sticky. Something that felt like feathers but didn't tickle. Light floating wires flew about and stuck to my face. A spider's web wrapped itself around me slowly. Trembling, my heart raced when I tried to tear the thick webs that hung onto me and branches surrounding. But I couldn't, the web was too thick. Twiching scampering scuttling, a spider crawled up one of my sleeves. Small as it was, I could still feel its eight legs work its way up. My stomache flipped over and over repeatedly. I closed my mouth just in case, if only I could close my ears and nose as well. There was still more. And coming out from a hollow tree, was the biggest one yet. Palm-sized, all eight legs kicking away in silence. The patterns on the spider told me it was poisonous. Remebering my stick, I lifted it - my eyes still on the giant spider- and hit it. The hairy legs clung on tight but I kept going. Finally, it lost its grip and fell onto the ground. There was a compass in my pocket, one of those old heavy ones, it'd broken on the way here. I took it out, aimed carefully, then threw it onto the spider. I sighed in relief as I teared away from all those tiny legs, hoping no one would pass and pick up that compass.

The End

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