Chapter Eleven

Wild fields with sandy grounds spread across the other side of the river. A jungle was visible about one mile away. Whistling, I thought about what the stone would look like. Would it be small? Colourful? Maybe I could put it in a necklace or something. 

Suddenly, I felt sand in my socks. I tried to shake my feet, but I couldn’t move. They were trapped in quicksand. Immediately, I stopped fidgeting, it definitely helped. WikiHow had an article about this on the internet, but I couldn’t remember that much. The sand was up to my knees, it was getting a bit wet now. There was something about dropping everything, so I took off my backpack and flung it onto the nearest stone, hoping that stone wouldn’t sink. Now the sand was covering three quarters of my leg. Oh yes, spreading weight. How do I do that? I wriggled one of my feet and raised it slowly so it got out of the sand. Then I put the bottom half of my feet flat onto the surface of the sand. It didn’t sink! My other foot was still sinking, so I did the same, and soon I was kneeling on the quicksand. I trudged along on my knees, balancing with my mucky fingers. Finally, I got to firm ground covered in grey sand.

The End

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