Chapter Ten

My eyes flicked to the other side of the gigantic waterfall, the noise pounded in my ears, making me hear nothing but the water. How could I get over? The waterfall spat at me. Wet stains had appeared in my clothes already. I stood in the thin shadow of a tree, trying to keep my head cool. Emptying the contents in my bag, I noted that my food supply was running low. Then I spotted a very long piece of rope which was at the bottom of the pile. Next to me, tons of cold water crashed down to the clear water at the bottom. In the corner of my eye, a thin but strong tree stood visible on the other side of the waterfall, revealing what the sun hid in its blinding rays.


After tying one end of the thick rope around the tree loosely, I made a lasso knot on the other end. The water was really getting to me now, weighing down my t-shirt and sticking it onto my back. Nevertheless, I grabbed the end of the thick string just behind the knot, and then with all my strength, threw it across the thundering liquid. It missed. I began to drag the soaked cord back. Sharp droplets of water pinched my skin. Lifting my arm again, I threw the foam covered rope, hoping success this time. Yes! As I pulled it tight from the tree, I glanced at my work. It stretched proudly from one end of the waterfall to the other. As quickly as I could, I found a branch around one metre long, thick and strong. I swung my bag onto my back then placed the branch horizontally on the tightrope so it formed a cross. My feet trembled a little before pushing off the edge of solid ground. Water catapulted into my mouth like flying fish and I zip wired across the waterfall under a rainbow.

The End

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