Chapter nine

Plunging into the water, I felt the cold liquid soak my clothes. I opened my eyes and ignored the stings it gave me. As I swam towards the surface, I spotted something floating on the water. It was a boat. A wooden boat. Perfect. I broke through the still surface of the river, then swam towards the boat eagerly. There was a branch floating in the water next to me, so I grabbed it. With no time to lose, I guided myself along the river, hearing faint barks behind me. Birds screeched at me ; maybe I was in their territory. Only then did I realise that the boat was sinking slightly every inch I moved.

The wood wobbled underneath me when I stood up, balancing myself on the wet floor of the boath. Time had weakened the boat and I cursed my self for not noticing. I looked around frantically for something to grab onto, while my hands still worked on moving the boat. There was a tree around three metres ahead, and a thick tree branch hung over the river. A growl came from below me and a crocodile stared me in the eyes. My trainers soaked in the water greedily. That crocodile was soon joined with half a dozen other ones, all of those ready and waiting for their midday snack. My hands trembled. Suddenly, something tugged the branch I held, sharp teeth sank into that wood, dragging it away from my hands. Then more fangs began to tear up the boat. I couldn't move, couldn't believe what was happening. My mind raced. The beasts still slowly continued to destroy the canoe bit by bit. Even worse, it was still sinking. My legs were soaked. The muscle in my chest pounded in my chest as if trying to jump out of my mouth. Thankfully, distance between the tree and I was getting smaller.




I jumped, and I caught the branch just as the floor of the canoe sank. The hungry animals growled and snapped at my legs, but I was safe now.

The End

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