Chapter Eight

I took myself to a cliff by a wide river flowing downwards, the noise was loud but otherwise quite bearable. I leaned over the edge and looked directly down from the cliff. Water. Lots of water. There was only two choices : Jump, or don't jump. Heights weren't a problem, but the around 45 feet high cliff was too smooth to climb down from. The second option sounded much nicer.

"Jump. Wet. Water." I murmered. "Don't jump, slow, dunno where to go." A shout came from far behind me. "Erm....umm...jump?" Pacing aimlessly on the cliff, I crossed my arms. Where would I go if I didn't jump? And how long would it take me to get to the river? The sound of dogs barking had me looking over my shoulder. How did the police find out so quickly? Maybe I could hide in a bush. But then the dogs would sniff me out. Maybe not then. Perhaps I should jump. But would the river be deep enough? It was too dark to tell properly. The footsteps sounded close. Okay. Option one then. I took a deep breath (not that it helped), ran towards the edge, and left the ground. 

The End

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