Chapter Seven

You arrive at a water station, you are sweaty and tired, looking forward to a shower. But then two policeman arrest you for the theft of a car. They throw you in jail, how do you get out?

My footprints followed my aching feet to the water station. Grains of sand had ran down my shoes and my socks itched terribly. Tired, I stepped onto firm ground then spotted the entrance to a hotel. A faint smile reached my lips. Suddenly, I felt the weight of a strong hand gripping my shoulder. Turning to face whoever grabbed me, I stood and faced two fierce policemen.

"Hola?" My voice trembled.

"Rephina Fossell, you are arrested for committing car theft." One of the policemen barked at me while the other just grinned with lazy eyes.

"What are you talking about?" I protested. "I haven't stolen anything. Why would I steal a car?"

"That's what they all say," the police said to his companion as if I wasn't there. "You need to come to the police station for a while." He put handcuffs around my wrists as I stood there with shocked expression on my face.

"You don't have any prove-"

"You are in no position to accuse anyone," the policeman interrupted, I fell silent , there was no point arguing.

"However. I will tell you the source of my information just this once. The car dealer at the top of the road witnessed you stealing a car and driving it away with no right."

I cursed to myself silently. The car dealer, I knew there was something wrong with that guy.

"Move." Unwillingly, I walked over to the police car and bent down to get inside.

In a couple of minutes, we'd arrived at a small police station which looked a bit shabby on the outside. It was decorated by graffiti and the inside wasn't particularly any better.

"Take your shoelaces off and empty your pockets." The other policeman told me, I did what he said, put some spare change from my pockets into a bag with my white shoelaces then turned out my pockets to convince him I'd emptied them. He nodded expressionlessly before gesturing to an empty cell. I stepped in, glaring at him. The man dragged the gate shut and stuck a padlock on.

As soon as the police was out of sight and hearing distance, I reached up and took out the orange hairclip I had since the start of the journey. I stuck one end into the key hole and twiddled about for a bit. In a couple of seconds, I heard a small click.


I slipped out like a cat, then put the lock back on as if nothing had happend.

The End

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