Chapter Six

You have hired a car to go to the river station, but the brakes break while you drive, what do you do?

After shaking hands with the car dealer, I walked away with the car keys jingling in my hand. The HONDA greeted me like a greenhouse as soon as I opened the door, the handle of it toasting my fingers. Turning the engine on, I drove away from the hire site. My map laid on the passenger seat next to me which I peeked at every now and then. I turned onto a road going slightly down, the car sped up, but I still had control over it. After a few seconds, I tapped my foot gently on the brake pedal.

Nothing happened.

I tapped it again, a little more urgent as I watched the arrow on the speedometer travel slowly to right. Pressing down hard on the brake pedal, I felt the car shake. Now convinced that the brake pedal was dead, I concentrated on going down the hill steadily. I opened the door next to me wide open, creating more air resistance. Then, keeping my eyes on the road, I opened the one on the other side of the car. My hands tightened around the wheel as I swang the car left and right sharply to make friction. I drove into the most gritty parts of the road, desperate to slow the car down. Why does this happen to me?

The car just kept speeding up, nothing I did now could stop it. I spotted a pile of sand further down the road. I kept one eye on it and one on the road while stuffing my belongings into my pockets. Just before reaching the pile of sand, I jumped out from the car and into the sand.  The car rattled loudly down the road, the sand burnt a bit of my grazed skin, but that didn't matter now. I patted myself down as best as I could, then continued my journey down the road.

The End

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