Chapter three - C

"Two pair," I showed my cards, terrified to know what Allison and Chloe might have gotten.

"Four of a kind," Allison flipped her cards open, revealing two tens. I cursed to myself. This wasn't going well.

"Straight," Chloe declared, eight of Hearts and Jack of Clubs laid in front of her. She stared at me and smiled with a hint of evil.

"Allison has won this round," Iris told us. She pushed the large pile of poker chips towards Allison, who accepted it eagerly.

Another round started, with Chloe and Allison betting unbelievebly high, and with me wanting to fold every time I called a rising bet. We reached our third round of betting.

Suddenly, the doors of the Community Room were kicked open. People from all around us turned suspiciously. Five uniformed police ran into towards our table. The CIA looked confused, but started to collect the money as fast as possible. They struggled, but they still ended up caught in the police's handcuffs. A man in a black suit walked towards me.

"Thank you for your cooporation, you have just helped us catch one of the most wanted criminals in South America." His voice spoke clearly but with a slight accent, then he shook my hand firmly.

"De nada," I replied.

The End

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