Chapter three - B

Stacks of colourful poker chips were already placed on the table and the deck of cards laid unopened.

"Let's start the game." Iris announced, "I'll be the dealer if that's all right." We all nodded in agreement, so she ripped open the plastic packaging on the playing cards and shuffled them professionally. "Place your bets," each of us dragged a certain amount of poker chips to the centre of the table. I noted that Chloe and Allison betted particularly high. Dealing two cards to each of us, I saw Iris catch Chloe's eye and wink when they thought I wasn't looking. Three cards were dealt faced up on the table : ten of spades, queen of spades, and three of diamond. I peeked at my cards : ten of diamond and five of hearts.

"Check," I said, not wanting to spend anymore money than I needed to.

Allison smirked, "Raise, two thousand." We were playing with ten thousand each, she was taking a risk.

"Call," Chloe replied, dragging a pile of money and smiling at me.

"Call," I said unwillingly, I had to or they would get suspicious.

Iris placed down the turn : nine of clubs.

"Raise, one thousand." I muttered, then silently prayed for the police to come soon.

Allison raised one of her eyebrows, "Call."

"Call," Chloe echoed.

Iris laid down the river : five of diamonds. Two pair, not too bad.


"Call." Replied Allison.

"Raise, three thousand." Gasping, I stared at Chloe's cards, wishing I knew what they were.

"," I spluttered. My hands started to tremble as I pushed my money towards the pile. Their lips tightened, as if hiding a smile.

"Call," said Allison.

"No more bets." Iris concluced.

The End

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