Chapter Three - A

You arrive in a mining village and decide to stay the night. You get involved in a game, you realise you are playing poker with people who will cheat for your money. What do you do?

The last of the sunrays disappeared as the train slowly pulled into the station of the small mining village. I checked into the hotel I stayed in, it  was more like an inn, and I was too tired to do anymore travelling. Leaving my bag in my room, I walked down to the community room and sat down to read.

"We've been looking all over for you," a female voice interupted my reading from behind. I shuddered. Turning around, I found myself in fron of a tall woman wearing an elegant gown. She smiled at me. Her face seemed familiar. "We need an extra pair of hands at our poker game," she gestured to a table behind her with another two women on it. "Would you join us?"

"Sure," I replied uncertainly, but I followed her anyway. Then I remebered where I had seen her from, she was part of the CIA : Chole, Iris and Allison or also know as Cunning, Immature and Annoying. Famous for conning people for their money, the triad was one of the most wanted people in the country. They must have thought that me, a foreigner, would not recognise their faces. Sitting down at the table, a woman took out an unopened pack of cards, ready for shuffling.

"I'm Chole," the woman in the long dress introduced herself. But I'd already known that, of course.

"Iris," another nodded at me. "And this is Allison."

"Nice to meet you all," said I. "I'm Rephina, I need to go upstairs to get money, won't be a moment." They murmered quietly to themselves as I walked towards the staircase. From my bag, I took out my purse and put around half the amount of money I had in it. I walked to reception, and asked to borrow the telephone.

"This is the emergency services, how may we help you?" A female voice buzzed clearly through the speaker.

"I am currently staying in a hotel at a small mining village, where the CIA have invited me to play poker."

"Hold on," she answered excitedly, then quieter "Sir! We have some leads to the CIA. A woman here is staying at their hotel."

"Good." I heard a male voice say in the background. "Trace her call, I'll send a few men out."

"Ma'am? Please delay them for as long as possible, we will try to assist you as fast as we can." The woman returned, now in a serious tone.

"All right, I'll play poker, but hurry or I'll lose all my money." I responded.

"I'm sure compensation can be discussed."

"All right then, thanks for your help."

"Thank you too, you have provided us with important information. Goodbye!" She hung up so I returned to the Community Room, hoping they wouldn't realise that I'd been absent longer than I needed to be.

The End

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