Chapter One - A

You are on a train. Suddenly, it stops on an arch bridge. Apparently, a bit of stone under the train track has fallen off. The train track is too weak to take the whole six carriages of the train over. It is, however, strong enough to carry one carriage at once. There is a spare piece of chain that could be used. What do you do?

The train suddenly skidded to a stop, squealing loudly which made some of the confused passengers around me put their hands over their ears. Screams came from passengers who held onto the seats desperately, as if holding on for their own life. A few travellers looked out of the window for any disturbance or blockage. I looked out, my light brown fringe hung over my eyes, there didn't seem to be anything wrong. My fringe bounced around my forehead, filtering what I saw. From the pocket of my flared jeans, I took out my orange hairpin, quickly sweeping back my hair. Bags had fallen from the overhead shelves and some children scrunched up into a ball. Stepping over backpacks, my intention was to find out what was going on. Carriage C was three carriages away from where I headed : the engine room.

"I don't know what's going on," I heard worried passengers mutter into their mobile phones, frowning.

"It's just stopped, they haven't even said anything."

"Yes, I'll be home late, I'm really sorry."

"Mummy!" A little boy cried, "There's so much water down there." A woman around her thirties went over to give him a hug. I reached the end of the carriage and opened the locked door at the end. A fierce wind greeted me, I stepped off the carriage with my arms wrapped around myself tightly, shuddering. A chain connected the two carriages together, rust had grown on it but I knew it was stron. The rubble under my feet cracked and snapped at me. I peeked over the edge of the arch bridge, and saw a wide river around 200 metres down. I gasped, the wind could unbalance the train, the unbalanced train could accidentally fall out of track, making it possible to go over the edge. Nevertheless, I hurried onto Carriage B, where I saw more tourists sat down nervously.

Soon, I reached the engine room only to find that it was empty. A phone laid on the ground, someone had obviously thrown it on the floor. Looking out of the front window, I saw the driver outside, talking angrily to a ticket collector. I left the stuffy carriage and got outside, shoving my cold hands in my pocket, not that it helped much. Looking up at the sky, I saw weak sun-rays fighting the grey clouds before it was smothered by a group of water droplets.

"Hey, lady, you shouldn't be out here. It's dangerous." A harsh voice barked at me. The driver had a face that spelt anger and I could almost feel the waves of annoyance he was giving off.

"I can help," I replied, hearing the ticket collector sniff beside me. The driver sighed heavily, and shook his head.

"You see this arch bridge we are on? It's ancient. Quite alot of stone has crumbled away from underneath a part of the train track. If the whole train runs over it, the track will be ruined. It is only strong enough to carry one carriage at a time."

"I see. Have you got any equipment I can use?" I asked, feeling feathers of rain touching my skin. The train driver just shrugged. 

"I've got a long strong chain. Not so sure how that will help though." I nodded at him, considering the possibilities for the use of the chain.

The End

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