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Wanted : Dead or Alive

Rephina Fossell, 23, turned in the recent quadruple murderer, Stephen Moran, 39, to the police in Trevallyn.

Yesterday afternoon, Kate Warst, 48, was taking a  stroll in the Kea Park with her dog. Moran jumped out from a tree with a knife. As she backed away from the criminal, her dog yelped. Nearby, Fossell heard the dog cry and ran to see the situation.

Fossell crept round the two of them and climbed the tree behind Moran. After he instructed Kate to take out of her purse, Fossell jumped off the tree and onto the man below. A trip over a treeroot sent Moran falling over onto the grass and he accidentally stabbed himself in the thigh. With no medical attention, Moran could have died soon with the loss of blood from the wound. Fossell was "tempted" to leave the murderer there, "to suffer his own death." However, she took him to the nearest hospital to be healed before calling the police.

"What Rephina did was truly brilliant," said Kate Warst, "Her bravery is exemplorary and I thank her with all my heart."

Moran is now in hospital with police guards outside his room. Soon, he will be taken to trial over the quadruple murder case and also an attempted murder on Kate Warst.

The End

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