Race for the stone

This is an english project I am working on right now. Please comment so I know how to make it better..... and get a better level in english..hehe... thank you! >_<

So, this is a random english project I am currently writing in school, Year 8 or Seventh grade I think (12/13 years?). Anyway, the Race for the Stone is a sort of challenge. My character takes part in this weird challenge to get a strange stone and competes. I don't decide any of the chapter plans. My class is given a structure and we build on it. I'll put the structure at the beginning of every chapter so it doesn't seem like I'm writing absolute nonsence. I stole the name of my character in Psychic Crash - Rephy, because I like it, for some reason. Yeah, that's it. For now, anyway. Element will be very angry at me. She wanted to post it too since she has written it already in her class.

:D   cherries to all! 

P.S. I've marked this story "Special Interest" can someone tell me what it means?

The End

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