Race for reasonMature

Fire raced through the night, tearing through the darkness, banishing the shadows to the further corners of the forest. Overhead an owl screeched, crying out a warning and alarm. The orange flames danced along the ground, lighting the sun-dried leaves. Licking up the ancient trees, the flames brought down old timber, already dead, but green with moss and new life. Whimpering in a small clearing, a small girl cowered, shielding her face as her arms burnt. Curled into the foetal position, the fire teased at her damp clothes, trying to get a hold, as her skin blistered and burned. Her delicate hands spread before her face, trying to keep the flames at bay, away from her already sore face. The girl had been beautiful before, as she danced through the trees, playing and frolicking with that boy. The orange tint of the flames coated her skin, bathing it in a gorgeous light, even with the dirt and soot on her skin. 
    He hadn't meant to start the fire, but he couldn't stand to see another touching his girl; even if she did not know that she was his. He would wait until she accepted him as her own. That he would do, long before he would stand to see any other man with her.    
    She might not notice it, but she wasn't actually burning, wasn't even beyond uncomfortably warm. He was keeping the flames just back from her. Her brain was telling her that the fire was hurting her and catching at her but it was dancing around the outside of her body. He would never let her be hurt; especially by him. He had seen far too often the dangers of his kind falling in love with a human, becoming involved with a human. They were too fragile to know the truth. 
    His own girl had never in any of her incarnations been aware of what he was. There was the truth of it. Her incarnations. He could never allow himself to bring her to him for eternity. He couldn't risk her life, let alone her soul. She might be looked down upon as different and a loner by her people, but that was just part of why he loved her. There was no denying that even within his people, who were loners by nature, she would stand out, but it just proved the truth and strength of her. The fire blazing and destroying the forest at the moment was nothing compared to that which lit her life each time she was reborn. When he was aware of her but not near her, the blaze was more of a slow torture, only easing when he drew closer to her. That was how he tracked her down. At the moment he was merely simmering with energy from her. He knew that if he allowed himself to touch her it would consume him. 
    If he drifted down to her now, if he saved her, as if that were possible, she would accept him and trust him, but it would destroy her desire for her own world. She would be the one to become consumed by him. That could never happen. There were too many dangers for both of them.

The End

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