Race Against the Dawn

This is the average vampire story. It deals with the usual forbidden love story. It will even include a few secret twists! Please read it and feel free to post a comment! Enjoy:)

It was quiet and peaceful as the twilight darkened over the never-ending sky. The carriage was passing through the outskirts of a small village.

"Help!" a voice cried out from the darkness.

The driver looked around briefly, but not for long. He focused his attention on the leaf covered road ahead.

"Help! Somebody please help me!" She cried out agian. He halted the carriage when a ghostly white figure appeared in the middle of the road. She hurried up to him. Her breath showed the coolness of the night when she spoke. "Please, sir, you have to help me." She pleaded. He looked at her, waiting for her to continue. She sounded close to tears. "Please, its my husband. He's been terribly injured."

The man dismounted his carriage and followed her as she ran a fair distance down the road. She threw herself down against the dirt and leaned over a body.

"Just hold on," she whispered. "Please don't leave me. I've got help. Hold on. Please, for me, you have to."

The man knelt down on the other side of her husband.

"Oh, thank you. Please, we don't have much time. We have to hurry. Is there anything you can do? I've tried a doctor, but he's out on a personal call."

"Let me see," He examined the man's slow moving chest.

She watched for a few short moments before the urge became too overpowering. She flung herslef across her husband's body and her teeth cut deep into the man's neck.  He cried out faintly at the pain, but that was all. She threw his drained body away from her and heard a chuckle. She looked down and saw Dimitri's smiling face. He sat up and she let herslef up off his flat, well muscled stomach. He helped her to her feet and looked at the carriage.

"You're so bad." He said, still smiling.

She smiled back, satisfied. "I know." She could see the look in his eyes, his true adoration for her. "Kiss me."

He reached into his jacket and pulled out a white hankerchief. "I will, but first..." He trailed off, nearing her beautiful face with the white cloth.

Her hand wrapped around his. "No." She said, lowering his hand for him. She could see that he was about to protest. "You want to be like me don't you?" She asked.

He nodded. "I want you forever."

She smiled. "Then just kiss me. You know you really want to, and besides, you'll want to taste this."

He knew she was right. Taking a few steps towards her, he reached out and cupped her chin in his hand. Leaning his face down, he kissed her, getting a slight taste of the fresh blood that was on her lips.  "When will you change me?" He wondered, in between kisses.

She looked up at him with unfathomable eyes. "When you're ready."

His heart accelerated. "I'm ready now."

She could sense the lie in his voice. "No, not yet. But you will be soon."

He sighed and pushed her against him. "I want you, and that's all I know." He said.

"I want you too, and trust me, I always get what I want."

He smiled. "Forever?" He asked.

"Forever." She agreed and kissed him again.

The End

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