Open your Wings..

If the colour black could make a sound, I imagine it would not be a pleasant one. When you think about the colour black good things rarely come to mind. When i opened my eyes saw as I had expected that everything around me was black. What could this mean? Where was I? And why do I feel no emotion? As my eyes started to focus I saw that there was some definition of my surroundings. It was a maze, not the friendly carnival maze with children laughing. Here, in this maze, no one laugh..actually no one made a sound. This maze was very different, it terrified me to the point where my mind actually went blank. As I looked at the maze again, I noticed it was gone, and everything was black again.

Refocusing on trying to find the maze, looking around I saw an entrance. On the arch way where numbers..they looked like dates. Maybe of important years? But none of them rang a bell..1986, 1943, 1541, 1769, 2043 etc...For reasons I am sure I will never be able to explain, I walked through that door, a decision that I am sure one day I would regret. As I walked through the door, I realized again that the ticking had quieted, and was only very silent now...not enough to drive me past the point of insanity that I was sure I was already at..

Inside the maze was a whole other story, I thought the outside was terrifying, my mind was not ready for the things I saw in that pitch dark maze. I was almost certain that if anyone, person were here with me, that they surely would be able to see the things that I saw. They were simply too terrifying to even ignore, or pass by...Why did I walk through that door? Why would any person do that?...

The End

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