say goodbye

Looking across the center of the park I saw a male figure standing there, looking helpless, and pre-occupied. His shadow was beautiful, now whether he was or not I do not know, and I am sure I would never find out. He drew me in, I could not see his face, i saw his eyes they glowed like midnight and day at the same time. Staring into them I noticed that he saw the things I saw..he saw the creature perched upon the childs back, her being totally oblivious to what was happening to her.  His eyes darted across the park center and caught mine, they locked, and I could see into his mind. It scared me..all I wanted to do was cry, the pictures in his mind were almost totally clear, it was full of large black wings, which shined like the sky on a stormy night, nothing else, no face or body to match the face.

The figure started moving towards me, slowly, gracefully, beautifully. I was not even totally sure if the figure was moving or if I was slowly moving towards the figure. As it came closer the ticking that has been with me since I can remember slowed down...and got quieter. The closer the figure got to me, the less i heard the ticking but the more terrified I felt. If my mind was made up of walls, and bookshleves to hold years of thoughts, everything would come tumbling down one book at a time till there was nothing left in my mind but the floors to crack and break, till all that was left was an empty casing. I was that empty casing.

The figure was so close now that I could almost touch it if i so wished, but I dare not. I could see now that those beautiful black wings branched out from the male like there was nothing peculiar about it at all. I glanced around at the people around me, out of curiosity, or maybe it was just a good excuse to try and gather myself and piece my mind back together. I could sense the figure now, very close, too close for my liking. The ticking was comforting, I knew it, and understood it, and now the ticking was gone. Replaced with a beautiful figure whos wings I am sure could wrap themselves around the world with no strain at all.

"Say Goodbye.." Was all the figure said before everything around me went pitch black, and all I heard was the flapping of ticking, and slowly the books of memories, and thoughts were falling down, and the floor was cracking. This was it, i was left to be an empty casing good for nothing more than storage of other peoples thoughts. Here i stand, helpless and left for dead..

The End

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