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Rorn, a boy at the age of fourteen, lives in a steampunk world that is currently in a war between animal robots and man kind; and the humans are loosing. The robots rule 95% of his world, and the humans are forced to live in the only 5% of the world they currently control; and it's shrinking fast.
Rorn has two major problems. 1.) his brother is dying of a terrible disease they call "Black Throat" and 2.) Rorn is half robotic himself, and it has placed him in a situation where neither side want

He peeked around a corner, looking down the hall. Smiling, he stepped out and walked quickly, the sound of metal boots clicking on the floor mixed in with the very faint sounds of engines from above. Mechanical arms matched the pace of mechanical legs as the visable eye, the organic one on the right, darted back and forth. He momentarily stopped as a crash could be heard along with large amounts of cheering. Laughing to himself, he shook his head and moved on down the hall once more.

A robotic hand moved up and pushed back long dark blond hair to reveal two sides of his face. The right side was a pale, normal human organic face; while the left side was metal, a perfect split between human and animatronic.

His nose twitched at the scent of gassoline, his heart pounded along with the electricity passing through the air. Excitement rose within him along with the chorus of cheers. He knew from the sound that there was not much time left.

Stopping at a metal door that had a small barred window, he looked though and seen exactly what he wanted; the mechanical dragon curled up in the center of the room. The young man observed the thick chains and cuffs holding the machine down. He put his left hand against the door and narrowed his blue organic eye in concentration.

"Just as much of a bad thing this is for others," he whispered, watching the thin red lines trace from his fingertips into the circits of the door, making it slide open within moments, "it's personally the best thing about me!"

The second he slipped inside the room, the door automaticly slid back into place and locked itself from the outside, trapping him with the chained mechanical beast. The fact of this made the organic side of his mouth curl up in a smile, loving the thrill.

Sensing the young ma, the draggon lifted its head as far as its chains would permit and examined the Halfa.

"You. Me. We have a race to win." the young man stated, walking over to place his left palm on one of the cuffs. The red lines snaked out, making the bindings unlock their prisoner. As the dragon sat up, the young man went and placed his hand onto the wall, turning on all the technology that was built into it on.

After quickly filling something out one of the computers, he turned to the mechanical dragon and said "Now, try not to mess this up, old friend."


The stadium looked like a Greek colesium decked out in the latest technology as it hovered a mile above Earth. Its height was about three miles, and from the center it was thirty miles in each direction. The seats were just one row above the other, rising in a nintey degree angle with only a bar to keep the fans safe. Flat, giant screens floated infront of the stands so the fans wouldn't miss a thing.

Every seat was filled, every voice yelling, excitement rising in the air for the all-time favorite of the annual Tournaments.

All cheering for the Death Races.

High up in the seats were a group of young teenagers, a mix of human boys and girls, fooling around with eachother.

"The Death Races are next!!" said a twelve year old girl. Her aubern hair bounced around her head as she hopped in her seat, leaning onto the railing. Her bright green eyes travelled over the large expanse of replicated forest terrain that lay bellow, anable to wait to see the contestants emmerge. Her black gloved fingers tapped on the metal from her impatience.

"Really, this exitement over what?! Organics racing Mecha!! Living things racing re-programmed machines captured in the war!!" the fifteen year old boy next to her stated. "I don't really see how you can be so excited, Kiatsu, over something that's really nothing."

"You don't understand anything, Valkor." Kiatsu replide, eyes scanning the crowd. "By the way, where's Rorn?"

"I think he said something with the words 'sneak' and 'in'." stated the thirteen year old boy next to Valkor. A small smile greeted the two heads that turned, accompanied with one raised eyebrow over two brown eyes. His hair was short and black and his skin held a slight tan.

"Nice of you to join the conversation, Rictor." said Valkor, looking then passed him at the small girl, he said "And feel free to speek up at any time,Melany."

The girl turned and gigled at him, her blue eyes filled with joy. Her short red hair had to be cut again because a few strands were falling infront of her eyes. "I'm not one for many words..." she said quietly.

"LOOK!! It's about to start!!" cried Kiatsu, pointing over the bar.


He got into the built in seat on the mechanical beast's back, his heart hammering away. His race was about to start, and he needed to win this, needed the money for his little brother. "Listen to me, we need to do all that we can to get that first place prize." When the dragon turned to look at him, he added "Hey, it's not for me, it's for my little brother! He needs an opperation..."

The mechanical beast didn't need to hear anymore, for it turned away and crouched down, preparing to launch.

A voice came on from above, loud enough that the contestors could hear; "Contestants, prepare to launch! Ladies and gentlemen!! The time has come for the fiftysixth annual DEATH RACE!!!!"

The ceiling opened, and the dragon kicked up into the arena.

The End

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