Quite Simply, It's The Soap

Death Note Fandom.
Short oneshot with L and Light.

Raito was p !$$ed.

After weeks of almost nonstop heavy rainfall, the Kira task force HQ had acquired water damage—namely, a leaky roof, and the invasion of countless bugs. As a result, L had booked a hotel room for a few days to continue working for the duration of the repair process.

Which leads to why Raito was so incredibly p !$$ed off.

That man…that man was apparently the greatest f!# king detective alive. Possibly even the greatest detective of the entire century. The amount of wealth to which he had access was almost incomprehensible in its quantity. He could probably book an expensive hotel suite for every person in the city and still have money to spare.

The b@$t-ard booked their hotel room at a one star hotel.

You know—the kind with unclean bathrooms, a TV lacking cable, paper-thin walls, cr@ ppy internet connection, and no room service.

"What the h3 ll possessed you to have us stay in the sh! ttiest hotel in Japan? !" Light raged. His hand was formed in a fist. The detective's answer would be the deciding factor to whether or not Raito would sock him in the face.

"Quite simply, Raito-kun, it's the soap," L replied calmly.

Raito was taken aback. "The…soap? What?"

"Their soap," L repeated, walking over to the sink to pick up the aformentioned object. "They have wonderful bars of soap, and I love them."

Raito couldn't even begin to describe how furious this conversation was making him. "You're saying that we're being forced to stay in this dump of a hotel—this hotel that not even a hobo would want to stay in—because you like the hotel soap? !"

L smiled innocently. "It is strawberry-scented."

A little while later, Raito found himself in the awkward position of having to explain to his father why he had broken the nose of history's greatest detective.

AN: Sorry I filtered all the curse words, but this group doesn't allow cursing. -w- Hope you enjoyed, though.

~Ratt Kazamata, 12/13/2011

The End

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