Nerida and the Fay

Beyond the Castle walls, in the pine forest a mile or two away lived the Faye people. A small race of little people, with gentle wings like a bees. 
Old and tall pine trees, covered at least two acres of the land, and the Faye took advantage of the shelter it provided.  
During the summer season, flowers blossomed and fruits grew bountiful. The grass was lucious and lived many types of critters and wildlife. By the autumn the toadstools grew practically overnight and the Faye rejoiced. The Faye had travelled to Quinzenth along with Estefan and his family in hope for acceptance, for they had lived in hiding for so long, for generations. 

Nerida was a powerful shapeshifter, but enjoyed being in the form of the faeries the most. For Nerida was once a child from a wealthy family after wandering off one day to the beach near their home, she fell down a crack in the ground and landed in a cave below the surface. She had sprained her ankle and it was becoming dark. Out of the shadows a sea witch appeared. A tall handsome woman with long red hair and white eyes. She helped Nerida but she was told, now she had seen the sea witch she could not return to her family. The Sea Witch Was old and slightly bitter, she had no kind heart any more, for she had witnessed a many deaths, she felt no remorse, and it was if it was a bit of entertainment for her lonely self. The sea witch changed her, forming her immortal and told her she must live a hundred years longer for there was a battle she must help win. From that point Nerida has changed form at will, and was now at least 140 years old, although her face did not show it. 

The End

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