The Feast

Estefan rose from his chair, infront of a room filled with at least a hundred people as many as the countless candles glowing the room.  

Estefan cleared his throat.  

'Everybody, Thank you, thank you for being here for our feast!  

I always enjoy celebrating the welcome of new comers, it gives me great joy! I am glad to say Thunder the Goblin King of Franzeth and his men shall be staying with us for a longer time and we are thrilled are we not?' The people in the room harmoniously cheered in responce 

'So less chatter my dear friends, let the feast begin!' Estefan clapped his hands twice and everyone cheered once more.  


Dante sat on the edge of one table, unsure of what to do with himself, he knew no one and if anything it was a little arkward as he was rather shy.  

Estefan met his gaze and ushered him over with his hand. Dante stood and walked over to where the King and his family were sitting.  

'Dante, please take a seat, i would love to hear of your journey.' Marium welcomed Dante with a smile and handed him a goblet of malt wine. Dante took the silver goblet with a smile and sat down next to Suvinna 
'So Dante, You have travelled far, have you not? How did you manage?' Estefan leaned forward in his chair placing his arms on the table infront of him almost as if in great interest of what Dante would say.  
'Well, in my home town, people are being killed for being magic, my daughter Grace has a power, and I am scared for her future. She is everything to me your highness. So I heard of Quinzenth, about you and your family and how it is salvation and the answer to all problems, I have came to help in any way I can, in order restore peace to the world.' 
Estefan smiled gentley, taking a small sip from his cup. Placing the cup back on the table he opened his mouth to speak.  
'You are brave. Did you swim?'  
'I had a small rowing boat sire, but it was destroyed by the ways, I was told if I was to travel north till I reached the sea, and go north east from there I would find Quinzenth, beyond the horizon, through the misty clouds, folllowing the twinkles in the sky. I remember awaking here. I am very glad I have found this place.' Dante spoke.  
'You would of found this place, regardless, we knew of your coming, we made sure you made it.' Estefan replied peacefully.  
'Thank you my lord.' Dante took another sip of his wine. 
'Your bravery will be most welcomed and in time will be needed.' Estefan rose from his chair. 'Excuse me.' He picked his goblet up as he walked off. Marium, who was still sitting, smiled happily at Dante.  

The End

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