'réamwín' Chaos whispered into a silver goblet. She sighed slowly in irritation.  

'réamwín' She whispered more sternly. 

'Chaos!' A small green skinned Goblin with large pointly ears called. 

'Yes, Thunder?' Chaos replied in lack of enthusiasm. 

'Now, you know you shouldn't be using your magic to create wine from water.' Thunder laughed.  

'Sire, i have no idea what you mean. You must be mistaken.' Chaos rolled her eyes. 

Thunder plodded over towards where Chaos was sitting. He stood beside her, the same height as her sitting. 

Chaos patted Thunder on his ruffled messy black hair on top of his hair, in a mockingly way.  

'réamwín' Thunder takes the goblet from the table before Chaos. A deep berry red wine forms and bubbles, then settles in the goblet. Thunder takes a drink.  

'Thanks, child.' Thunder laughed and walked away back to where he sat before.  

Chaos huffed in her chair. 

The End

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